5 Top Eufy Robot Vacuum Reviews 2022

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Struggling with your recent vacuum cleaner that doesn’t offer you good service? Paid so much but got nothing special in your usual vacuum? Are you finding a vacuum for yourself that can satisfy you to clean your messy room beyond your imagination? Then, you are most welcome to Eufy Robot Vacuum Reviews article that is written to help you find your desired vacuum!

It is very important to find a smart solution to make your living environment more comfortable and more convenient. And exactly this is what the Eufy robot vacuums do. They come with a smart solution to keep your house tidy and clean. 

Robotic vacuums are something that never get disconcerted to be in the limelight and to talk about the Eufy robotic ones, these vacuums are way more awesome. With remarkably cheap price Eufy robotic vacuums has fantastic rate for its tremendous efficiency. 

5 Best Eufy Robot Vacuum List

  1. RoboVac 30C
  2. RoboVac 15C Max
  3. RoboVac 11S
  4. RoboVac 30C MAX
  5. RoboVac 11S MAX

Quick comparison table on Top Eufy Robot Vacuum

Let’s have the knowledge of the topmost eufy robot vacuums that will ease your life with their super fast work-ability. These vacuums can clean your room from all kind of dirt using their all sensor technologies. So, let’s go through the details. 

Name/ Criteria Weight Height Suction Power Dust Box Capacity Boundary Strips Get More Here
RoboVac 30C 6 lb 2.8 inch 1500pa 0.6 liter 13.2 feet Check Price
RoboVac 15C Max 6 lb 2.85 inch 2000pa 0.6 liter n/a Check Price
RoboVac 11S 5.73 lb 2.85 inch 1300pa 0.6 liter n/a Check Price
RoboVac 30C MAX 5.95 lb 2.85 inch 2000pa 0.6 liter 13.2 feet Check Price
RoboVac 11S MAX 5.73 lb 2.85 inch 2000pa 0.6 liter n/a Check Price

5 Top Eufy Robot Vacuum Reviews In Details
1. eufy [BoostIQ] RoboVac 30C Review

With the Wifi convenience, RoboVac 30C is an awesome vacuum that confirms you a worry free cleaning. This robotic vacuum cleaner comes with a second-generation automatically increase suction power that is known as BoostIQ. Its powerful suction power is increased for a specific time when it is needed. Producing as much sound as a microwave it ensures a quite cleaning with 1500pa suction.Eufy Robot Vacuum Reviews

Interesting fact about this knife offers you with great unit exceeding your expectations. It is able to climb a medium pile carpet and in some cases a high pile carpet. Moreover, if you have pets and this robot vacuum will do wonder by cleaning all the pet hairs from your floor or carpet.

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Major Features 

  • Comes with a weight of 6 pounds and a height of 2.85 inch
  • Featured with a maximum suction power of 1500pa
  • Comes with a dust box capacity of 0.6 liter
  • Manufactured with 13.2 feet boundary strips
  • Comes with eufy-home app and remote control and charging base


  • Light-weighted and super slip in shape
  • It has multiple cleaning modes
  • Ensures zero hassles while cleaning
  • It cleans tile, floor, low to medium pile carpet, laminate etc.
  • Assures exactly zero effort 

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  • Not useful for high pile carpet
  • Sometimes the cables of it creates entanglement
  • Only connects to 2.4Ghz frequency 

Bottom Line

With perfectly standard suction mode this robotic vacuum cleaner offers you cleaning of hundreds of minutes. It has the ability to clean the entire room over time with its method of choosing random path for cleaning. It is designed with 5 cable ties and 4 side brushes that help cleaning the room from all kind of crumbs. So, surely you gotta try this masterpiece. 

2. Eufy RoboVac 15C MAX Review

This eufy robotic vacuum cleaner is super slim designed with all the high tech materials. Most probably this one is manufactured with the strongest ever suction power of 2000pa. It cleans your floor or carpet with a constant ongoing of 100 minutes at a time. This too comes with Wifi convenience like it provides eufy-home app that makes your job done with only your one click and zero effort. Eufy Robot Vacuum Reviews

With minimal sound-producing it can clean an entire room through its BoostIQ technology. If needed, to ensure a strong cleaning it increases its suction power with only 1.5 seconds. 

Major Features 

  • Comes with a total weight of 6 pounds and height of 2.85 inch
  • Featured with BoostIQ technology and Wifi compatibility
  • Manufactured with 2000pa of maximum suction power
  • Comes with a0.6 liter bust box


  • Ensures the strongest suction power
  • Super slim cleaning machine
  • Doesn’t create noise while cleaning
  • Ensures meticulous cleaning of low to medium pile carpet, hardwood floor and everything

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  • Doesn’t come with a boundary strips
  • Not suitable for high pile carpet 

Bottom Line

Over all, this eufy robotic vacuum cleaner is hell of a legit thing to clean your house with absolutely zero effort. It offers a sleek look with its anti-scratch tempered glass cover. Wherever you are doesn’t matter, to clean your room, all you have to do is just to set you RoboVac for cleaning through using the mobile app! So, but it at once and have all the fun!

3. eufy RoboVac 11S ReviewEufy Robot Vacuum Reviews

RoboVac 11S is one of the slimmest and thinnest robotic vacuum cleaner ever! This robotic machine is featured with every high-end material possible. With 1300pa suction power this machine is designed with many sensors. It has self charging ability thus, it never takes rest. Its glass top cover helps not having a scratch on it. 

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Eufy RoboVac 11S creates its superiority with its infrared sensor and drop sensing technology. With BoostIQ technique it can increase its power in seconds. It can clean through hardwood floors and it can avoid any obstacles swiftly if it is in its way to clean. 

Major Features 

  • Comes with a weight and height of 5.73 pounds and 2.85 inch
  • Featured with a suction power of 1300pa
  • Manufactured with a 0.6 liter dust collector ability
  • Designed with drop sensing technology and infrared sensor
  • Comes with 5 cable ties and 4 brushes 


  • Super thin and slim
  • Cleans smoothly creating as less noise as possible
  • Cleans through low to medium pile carpet, hard floors 
  • Removes every crumbs, pet hairs and dusts
  • Auto charging ability
  • Always ready for cleaning

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  • Doesn’t come with Wifi compatibility and Boundary strips
  • Not applicable for dark colored floors and high pile carpet

Bottom Line

This eufy product is really appreciable for its extreme efficiency. Creating only 55dB sound level it cleans an entire room. With its remote control system and extra set of high-performance filters it creates another level of its proficiency. Thus, this is a massive eufy technology that I think you should have in your house!

4. eufy RoboVac 30C MAX ReviewEufy Robot Vacuum Reviews

With the special dual hall sensor this eufy product empowers the strongest ever suction power of 2000pa. This 2.85”super slim device can make your room super clean from all the dust and dirt. It is absolutely wifi compatible and designed with BoostIQ technology.

It has boundary-setting strips and like any other eufy robotic vacuum cleaner it comes with remote control technology. Through google assistant voice control service of eufy home app you can control this device from anywhere using your android phone. 

Major Features

  • Manufactured with a weight and height of 5.95 pounds and 2.85 inch respectively
  • Comes with total 2000pa max suction power
  • Featured with Wifi compatibility and 2nd gen BoostIQ
  • Designed with Dual hall sensors with 13.2 feet boundary strips
  • Featured with a 0.6 liter dust box capacity


  • It has the strongest suction power
  • Slim, thin and easy to control
  • Cleans through hard floors to medium pile carpets
  • Can be used from anywhere and anytime

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  • Tangles easily 
  • Not suitable for high pile carpet

Bottom Line

To speak the very truth this eufy product is very easy to use and can be controlled just through a device with exactly zero efforts. With its extra vacuuming strength, this robotic vacuum cleaner ensures you the warranty of worry-free 12 month using. So, place your order now to get this efficient and fun product in your house! 

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5. eufy RoboVac 11S MAX ReviewEufy Robot Vacuum Reviews

Eufy RoboVac 11S MAX is a robotic vacuum cleaner that has strongest and slimmest suction power and shapes respectively. Like all the eufy vacuum cleaner it is also featured with second-generation BoostIQ technology. With the smartest internal technology, it looks massive externally too. 

With 2000pa suction power this smart device never rests rather it can work whenever you want. With its own function of unibody filter system it can clean your entire room. It consists of side brushes and roll brushes that offer meticulous and discreet cleaning.

Major Features 

  • Comes with a weight and height of 5.73 pounds and 2.85 inch
  • Manufactured with 2000pa suction power
  • Protected with anti scratch tempered glass top cover
  • Designed with Unibody filters
  • Comes with remote control, 5 cable wires and roll and side brushes

Available On Amazon


  • Has the strongest suction power
  • Cleans neatly and tidily 
  • Requires less maintenance


  • Not suitable for high pile carpet
  • Needs maintenance of the wires to avoid entanglements

Bottom Line

Overall, this eufy vacuum cleaner is really satisfactory in case of cleaning all the dust and dirt from your room. It offers 1 year of worry-free using warranty and at the same time empowers wholesome energy of functioning both internally and externally. So, hurry and place a order and have all the fun of using this device. 

FAQ’s of Eufy Robot Vacuums Reviews

1. Why do you need Eufy robot vacuums?

Well, eufy robot vacuums are designed with highly manufacturing technology to keep your house neat and clean. You always you living zone to be more comfortable and more expedient. Thus, you always need smart solutions or hacks to keep you house neat, clean and tidy. And these eufy robotic vacuums are the perfect solutions for its splendid knack and ability.

2. What you will get from eufy robotic vacuums? 

Eufy robot vacuums offer you high proficiency with its high-end features. The vacuums come with charging base, remote control, warranty of one year, quite number of side brushes and cable ties to ensure its manufacturing internality. You will get your entire room clean with zero effort just by using your mobile device.

3. How do the eufy robotic vacuums work?   

Most of the eufy robotic vacuums have self-charging capability with replaceable Li-ion battery, thus, with standard suction power and with full charge it works for 100 minutes. Most vacuums are Wifi compatible and through the eufy home app you can give order to this device and according to the order it can work reflecting many of its sensor technology. 

Final Word

Finally, these topmost eufy vacuum devices are really praiseworthy because of their function and manufacture. These robotic vacuums are perfectly made considering all your comfort and amenities. With absolutely zero efforts, cleaning of your room is just only one click away.

So, do not deprive yourself of using these intelligent gadgets. They fasten your daily work and help you being relaxed while they do all the cleaning. Place your order at once one of these topmost eufy robotic vacuums and see how magically it changes your life!

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