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Although people mostly use Above Ground Trampolines, many people prefer in-ground trampolines, as they look unique and obviously a bit more aesthetic if we compare it with above-ground trampolines. However, it totally depends on you which one you are going for and none of them are superior to one another because both of the trampolines are different from each other.

Above ground, trampolines are widely used and that is why they are a bit more popular if we compare with in-ground trampolines. On the support of an in-ground trampoline, most people, like doing something different from others and getting an in-ground trampoline, is a great option if you want to do that.

In-Ground Trampolines

In-ground trampolines look way more aesthetic if we compare them with the above ground. Having a trampoline attached in the ground is definitely something unique to do right? However, it doesn’t look but instead, it looks extremely smart.


Looks Better: As I have mentioned before, In-ground trampolines look better than above-ground trampolines because it is unique and on the other hand, it takes less space if we compare to the above-ground trampolines.

You Don’t Need to Climb Up: Climbing up becomes tough for the kids sometimes because some above-ground trampolines don’t come with ladders, however, you don’t need a ladder on in-ground trampolines as they are adjusted to the ground. JUST HOP IN AND HAVE FUN! 

Comparatively Safer: Above ground trampolines have a higher chance of having a breakdown as they have legs and sometimes legs might break down and if that happens the chance of getting broken necks is very high. Well, in-ground trampolines don’t have legs, so, you don’t have to worry about that. 

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Better Bounce: You would not understand how much better the bounce is on in-ground trampolines without using it. The in-ground trampoline, you get to have better control of the bounce and how much higher you want to get compared to above-ground trampolines. 


Cost: Digging a hole and adjusting will cost you without a doubt and mostly, in-ground trampolines cost a bit more than above-ground trampolines too. 

No Portability: Once you dig a hole and adjust it, it will be terrifically tough to get the trampoline out of the place and place it to a new place without having wreckage on the trampoline.

Above Ground Trampolines

As I have mentioned before that above-ground trampolines are widely used, there are some magnificent reasons behind it. One of them is that they are portable, unlike In-ground trampolines. 


Cost: You will not need to dig a hole or do adjust the trampoline, all you will have to do is follow the manual and build the trampoline with the friendly guide provided by the manufacturer.

Portable: As it is not adjusted to the ground, you can move it whenever you want and wherever you want to, all you will need is a little bit of space. 

Maintaining it: Maintaining above ground trampolines is way easier as you need to be extra careful while maintaining an in-ground trampoline, unlike above-ground trampolines.


You, Will, Have to Climb Up: As I have mentioned before that Above Ground Trampolines are tough to climb up for kids and they might also need ladders, whereas, it is not the same with in-ground trampolines. 

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In-Ground Trampolines Look Better: As in-ground trampolines are different they look better than above-ground trampolines. However, it depends on who prefers which one though. I personally prefer in-ground trampolines in terms of looks.  

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