How to set up a Trampoline? [3 Steps Easy Process]

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(Last Updated On: July 18, 2020)

Setting up a trampoline might become tough sometimes, especially for the ones which are not easy to assemble. However, some people even call craftsmen at home to assemble a trampoline where it is an extremely easy thing to do if you find out how to assemble it. There are many videos on YouTube that will help you to learn how to assemble it. Well, in this article I will be assisting you How to set up a Trampoline with the simplest way to assemble a trampoline with no problems at all.

Here are the step by step process how to set up a trampoline

Step 1: Assembling The Frame

Assembling the frame, in the beginning, will let you have a clearer structure of the trampoline which will eventually help your mind to figure out how you are going to take the other steps. Different companies produce trampoline of different types of structure, so, if you see the structure of your frame you will easily be able to figure out what to do. The companies provide a manual/guide for assembling the frame as most of the trampolines have different unique ways of assembling trampolines, so, I will suggest you follow the guide if you want to do the job in the finest way. 


Step 2: Adding springs to the Trampoline

This is probably the toughest part of the three parts I am going to mention. To be careful you must wrap your hand with clothes or you can also wear hand-gloves in order to get cuts from the pinch of the springs. Adding the springs like the way it is told in the manual is going to be the best, but if there is nothing provided in the manual about adding the springs then you can start adding the spring from one side and be careful about that and then go clockwise, it might take a little bit of time but this is the best process you can go to get the best outcome possible. 

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Step 3: Attaching the Spring Protector

Attaching the spring protector is another important job because spring protector keeps the springs safe from having unconventional damages. The manual will provide you with proper instruction to attach the spring protector. However, mostly the manual advised us to tie strings every 23 inches.  You’ll be provided with a spring cover and you will have to slide it over the edge of your trampoline. You must be certain that you leave no gaps because if you do then you might face a problem in the future i.e. trampoline spring wreckage which might also lead to terrible injuries. 



Setting up a trampoline is quite easy and hiring a craftsman for it is a waste of money sometimes because for the trampolines everything is written in the manual manufacturers and if you follow the guide properly then it is a piece of cake to set up a trampoline by your own. There are many technical stuff which you can do on your own and doing them enhances our efficiency too. 


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