How to Clean a Trampoline Mat in the Right Way

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(Last Updated On: July 18, 2020)

It is obvious for the trampoline to get strains and dirt all over it after getting used for a period of time. So, like every other object, it is crucial for you to take care of your trampoline too. To know how to Clean a trampoline mat is pretty much all you have to do to take care of your best trampolines.

Proper maintenance is important for every object as it makes the product last longer, makes it look good and keeps its performance up to the mark. Cleaning the trampoline in the right way sometimes might become tough, here in this article we will give you a few tips and tell you how to clean a trampoline in the right way.

Here are Simple Steps How to Clean a Trampoline Mat in A Right Way

Cleaning a trampoline mat is not a trouble at all and following this guideline will make your job easier and obviously, cleaning it according to the way we recommend will let you have a better outcome. 

You will be needing some equipment for cleaning the mat in the right way, so, I have listed them below

  • Cloth Material to Clean 
  • Broom
  • A Water Container (A Bucket Would do)
  • Brushes to Scrub
  • Pipe (Connected to Water Source)

Here are the few simple steps you will have to follow how-to Clean a Trampoline Mat Perfectly

Cleaning the Mat by Sweeping: It is obvious for the trampoline to have unwanted dirt all over it, so starting cleaning it with a sweeper or a vacuum cleaner, in the beginning, will advance your work. You must not wash the trampoline with water before sweeping because otherwise, the dirt remains stuck to the trampoline. 

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Washing the Trampoline

Connect a pipe to the water source and wash the trampoline’s mat with clean water, preferably cold water because warm water might deteriorate the quality of the trampoline’s mat. 

Cleaning the Mat with Soap

This is the most crucial and the toughest part of the job because this is the part where you have to be careful and cautious. You must clean every part of the mat using soap or liquid soap, having a loofa or a soap broom will make your job easier. Take out the strains and unwanted dirt using the broom or loofa from your trampoline mat.


Wait for a few minutes, so that the soap can put reaction to the mat in order to get the stains and dirt out.

Wash: With the hose or a bucket now wash the whole trampoline so, the soap substance will be washed away while performing this step. Be cautious that no soap substance is left all over the trampoline because otherwise, trampoline mats might get the soap white strain on it, which is very tough to remove. 

Dry in Heat

Washing the trampoline on a sunny day is obviously the best decision because heating it with sun’s ray keeps the trampoline the best. However, you must dry it in the afternoon no matter what, because drying it in the night will take time and might cause a problem too.

Before using the trampoline again be sure that the trampoline is mat totally dried up because otherwise, it might lead you to injuries.

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You are done with the Job 

These were the steps to clean a trampoline in the right way if you follow these steps, obviously, your trampoline is going to stay in the right condition and not get strains which will be staying on the trampoline mat forever. I hope the article helped you to clean your trampoline no matter what the trampoline brand is!


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