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Are you Looking for some fun in the boring weekends by trying something different? Buying a trampoline is definitely one of the best choices you can go for. After all, it is fun and on the other hand, jumping on a trampoline is a great exercise to get rid of obesity and also increase stamina. However, deciding which trampoline to go for might be tough for some people sometimes as there are many. So, in this article, I will be talking about the 10 best trampolines of the market right now and also give the best trampolines reviews what makes them the best.  

There are a few features that you should always keep in mind before buying a trampoline, an attached safety closure is one of the most crucial things to look for as without it accidents might take place while enjoying the trampoline. Other than this, the space inside the trampoline, its durability and there are many more things to look for. To find out the best trampolines which will provide you with most of the features you look for, read this article. 

Our Best Pick:Skywalker Trampoline 15 review 

Skywalker Trampoline 15: This is without a doubt one of the best trampolines of the market. What makes it the best is that it is extremely affordable but it also comes with although features you look for in a trampoline. The fine weight capacity of 200 pounds is just perfect for the kids. On the other hand, it comes with a complementary closure.

A Few Fantastic Features: 

  • The enclosure has no gap which makes it safer. 
  • Basketball Hoop can be added
  • UV Protection

10 Best Trampolines reviews 

With strong research, I have come up with an unbiased list of top 10 trampolines. Knowing about these trampolines will be a perfect guideline for you to get yourself the best trampoline there is. 

Here are the products:

  1. Skywalker Trampoline 15 Review

Skywalker Trampoline 15 review
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Being one of the most reputable brands, Skywalker has many great trampolines but if I had to pick one, I would choose Skywalker trampoline 15. First of all, this product is a combination of everything you look for in a trampoline. Perfect size, affordable prize any with its strong closure it is extremely safe too.

People often mention it as a budget trampoline but for a budget trampoline, it is too good as it can also draw a fight with the trampolines, which cost double of Trampoline 15 by Skywalker. The weight capacity of this trampoline is 200 pounds, which will allow around 4 to 5 people to jump inside the trampoline at a time.

With its reinforced T sockets, it hugely assists the frame of the trampoline to not get unconventional twists. The frame of the trampoline is exceptionally strong and made for heavy-duty, which explains why this product is extremely durable.

Finally, most people look for round trampolines and this product has a round shaped frame, its diameter is 15”. What most people love about this product is the surface it has to jump and land; the mat, as it is comfy and on the other hand, boosts up the fun of jumping. It comes with a warranty of 1 year.

Things we love about this product

  • Reinforced T Sockets
  • Huge Capacity of 200 pounds
  • Round Shaped with a diameter of 15”
  • Durable
  • Affordable

Things we don’t like about this product

  • Not as safe as spring free trampolines

Most trampolines provide a warranty for more than 1 year. 

2. JumpSport AlleyOOP PowerBounce Trampoline Review

Another round-shaped beauty which comes with a feature no other trampoline will provide you! AlleyOop is Jumsport’s premium list’s name, however, Jumpsports is this year’s favorite trampoline manufacturer. With its huge capacity, 14 feet more around 6 to 7 people can jump at a time. On the other hand, its weight capacity way higher than the capacity of the first trampoline I have mentioned; this trampoline can hold up to 245 pounds of weight. Compared to most of the trampolines, this trampoline is the safest with its extremely strong net and on the other hand, highly efficient springs. 

The unique part of this product is the variable bounce feature! It makes the experience of jumping on a trampoline way better and also smoother. Jumping and landing with a smoother acceleration is sometimes all we look for in a trampoline and this product without a doubt gives you this opportunity.

The variable bounce technology the product has also minimized the risk of getting injured when you are using this trampoline as the springs are of high end and with the efficiency of variable bounce, there will not be any hiccups while enjoying the glamorous trampoline. 

Things we like about this product: 

  • Humongous Space
  • More than enough weight capacity
  • Extremely Safe
  • Round Shape
  • Variable Bounce Technology

Things we don’t like about this product

  • Extremely Expensive
  • No Assisting Stairs to Climb Up

3. Skybound Stratos Trampoline Review

Its design catches the eyes of most of the people who buy trampolines, why wouldn’t it? It has a really unique design and comes with an elegant deep color. As a company Skybound is quite popular, the previous two companies which I mentioned are a bit more popular than Skybound though.

The best part of this product is that it comes in three different sizes! 12, 14 and 15 feet are the choices of size. Its closure is of high quality and extremely strong, which keeps the person enjoying the fun of trampoline totally safe from any sort of accident. Its frame is made of exceptionally strong steel in order to make it durable. This product can bear up to 276 pounds of weight which is unbelievable.

The extremely simple installation system makes it easier for the user to hop in, on the other hand, its bounce quality is better than most of the other SkyBound products. SkyBound Stratos Trampoline is totally rust free and has an astonishing spring length of 8.5”. UV protection makes it durable like no other products.

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If you are buying it on the internet then you don’t need to worry if the product is going to be damaged or not because the manufacturer is extremely cautious about the packaging of the product. Finally, I would like to say that this trampoline is round-shaped too and most people dig this shape when it comes to trampolines. 

Things I like about this product: 

  • The Design
  • Weight Capacity
  • Choice of Size
  • PVC Pad
  • UV Resistant

What I don’t like about this product:

  • It is expensive

4. Zupapa 15 14 12 FT TUV Approved Trampoline

Looking for a trampoline that covers most of the features you expect but is way cheaper than the most? Here you go! Zupapa Trampoline is one of the only trampolines, which we can compare with Skywalker 15. It has a price range similar to that, comes with three different sizes (15, 14 and 12). 

The diameter of the mat is 124.4” inch in the 12 feet one, 148” in the 14 feet one and 159” in the 15 feet one. The strongly built springs of this trampoline are well appreciated by all other manufacturers of trampoline too. What assures this trampoline’s quality is that it is TUV approved,

however, the best trampolines of the market get approved by TUV. The weight limit of this trampoline is humongous too, 375 pounds in the 15 feet and 330 in the 12 and 14 feet one. This product also comes with closure.

Unlike some other trampolines, it provides you a ladder to climb up. A ladder is extremely important as many children of ages like 5 and 6 might face a hard time climbing up to the trampoline without a ladder or assisting stairs. Its ladder is made for heavy-duty and is made with one of the finest steels!  

Things we like about this product

  • High-End Ladder
  • Extremely Good Closure
  • Fine Bounce 
  • TUV Approved 


  • Users face difficulties while attaching the closure. 

5. Springfree Jumbo Square Trampoline

This product comes with features with most of the other products from my list don’t. It is definitely the most different trampoline. If you are looking for a square trampoline then it is indubitably the best choice as it is the biggest spring free trampoline and it has the weight capacity of 1100 pounds! It’s a 13 feet square trampoline (Square feet of 155).

The frame of this product is made with a high-quality power coated steel frame, also has UV resistance. On the other hand, the net (closure) and also the mat is UV resistant. It is definitely one of the safest trampolines. It would’ve been at the top of my list but this product’s price is supremely high. 

The ladder enhances the beauty of this product and also assists the users to climb up to it without facing any kind of problems. On the other hand, this product also has a basketball hoop which most of the products don’t provide you.

An unbelievable warranty of 10 years is provided on this product which confirms how durable this product is. Having all these features together sums up a huge price which is one of the only problems of this trampoline.

Things we like about this product: 

  • UV Resistant
  • 1100 pounds (Weight Capacity)
  • Spring Free
  • Ladder
  • Basketball Hoop

Things we don’t like about this product:

  • Extremely high price

6. Upper Bounce Trampoline and Closure Set

Another astounding trampoline with groundbreaking features, which comes with an affordable price. The weight capacity of 330 pounds is more than enough and more than 5 people can jump at once, as the space of the trampoline is quite wide too.

The product comes with a very strong enclosure which makes it extremely safe. On the other hand, its durable mats are pretty much the best at a price range so low. For the people who have a low budget of buying a trampoline, it is without a doubt one of the best choices to go for.

This product comes in 7 different sizes, 10 feet, 12 feet, 14 feet, 15 feet, 16 feet and there are 2 mini trampolines too, which are 9 and 7 feet. The best part of all the products is that they are all made with the same material and are extremely durable. 

A great feature of this product is that it is very simple to set up and also pack up, which makes it one of the flexible products of the market. However, other than that its high-end legs are made for heavy-duty and the strong steel frame keeps the product durable.

Things we like about this product: 

  • Affordable
  • High-End Finish 
  • Many Size Choices
  • Marvelous Weight Capacity
  • Flexible

Things we don’t like about this product:

  • No Ladder
  • There are products with more features at the same price. 

7. ExacMe 14” feet 6W Legs Trampoline

Looking for the cheapest trampoline there is? Well, congratulations, your quests ends here with success! ExacMe 14” feet is the cheapest trampoline of my list and it also comes with different various features. First of all, its glorious weight capacity of 375 pounds had surprised me after I looked at the price, without a doubt more than 5 to 6 people can jump at a time with its humongous space and as I have mentioned before its unbelievable weight capacity.  Another great feature is that it has 6W legs which keep it durable and unbreakable at the same time although it leads to a slight demotion to the look.

This trampoline comes with a combination of different complimentary gifts! A ladder and a net, aren’t these two equipment all you need after buying a trampoline? Yes, you will be getting them for free with this trampoline.

On the other hand, the trampoline is totally free of rust, so, it will glow for a long time and also, it is extremely easy to setup if you follow the instructions properly. All of these features and complimentary gifts coming at a price range so low is an exception and so is this trampoline.

Things we like about this product:

  • Affordable
  • Many Complimentary Gifts
  • Strong
  • Huge Space
  • 6W Strong Legs

Things we don’t like about this product:

  • Hard to Carry (Not Portable)
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8. Ultega Jumper Trampoline

The best feature of this product is its safety. If we take a simple look at the price range of this product we will eventually find out that the way this product is built and the features which are attached with this product make it the safest.

I am not saying that this product is the safest among all the trampolines but however, this product is safest among the price range it belongs to. Ultega is one of the most popular companies manufacturing trampoline, it is one of their cheapest products which come with different features and a safety, which you are not going to get in any other trampoline that belongs to this price range.

This product comes in 4 different sizes, 2 mini sizes, and 2 average. 10 feet and 14 feet trampolines are the popular ones that have a weight limit of 200 pounds. The mini trampolines are 6 feet and 8.25 feet. On the other hand, the trampoline comes with a warranty of two years and is UV resistant.

Waterproofness is another quality it provides like all the other Ultega products. Finally, the safety net which comes with this product is extremely strong and cannot face wreckage. 

Things we like about this product: 

  • Extremely Safe
  • Affordable
  • 4 Different Sizes
  • Waterproof 
  • UV Resistant

Things we don’t like about this product: 

  • High Height
  • No Ladder

9. Skytric Trampoline with Top Enclosure System

The simple design of this product has the quality of stealing anyone’s eyes. Skytric’s this product contains extreme durability and also all the features you expect from a trampoline. The weight capacity of 330 pounds is more than enough and can easily let more than 5 people jump at a time.

On the other hand, its premium mat is made with high-quality double rubber which makes the surface of the trampoline fun to land on and also jumps. The spring of this product is of 5.5” which enhances the bouncing capability of this awesome trampoline, after all, a better bounce is all we look for sometimes. 

This product is easy to assemble and also disassemble using the pole features of its enclosure, however, it puts off a huge burden from the mind of the users as users might need to shift the trampoline to other places sometimes and for those times, dissembling the trampoline is an important thing to look for.

It has W shaped legs which enhances its durability and on the other hand, the built-in the enclosure is a much-needed feature for most of the trampolines and this product has it which makes it really safe.

Things we like about this product:

  • Design
  • Durable
  • 5.5” Springs
  • W Shaped Legs

Things we don’t like about this product:      

  • Fragile Zipper

10. ORCC 15 Feet 12 Feet Trampoline

This is probably the most durable product of my list, although it is cheaper compared to most of the other products I have listed on this article. ORCC comes in two different sizes 15 feet and 12 feet and it is extremely easy to set up. The net of this product is quite unique and strong which makes it extremely safe. It also has a rain cover which most of the trampolines don’t.

On the other hand, it comes with ladders which will assist you to get up to the trampoline without any issue. Finally, this product is also CUV certified, going for a product that has quality assurance can never be a bad decision.

Things we like about this product:

  • Two Different Size Choice
  • CUV Certified 

Things we don’t like about this product:

  • Tall People Face Difficulty While Jumping Because of the Rain Cover

Best Trampoline Buying Guide

There are a few things to look for while buying a trampoline as I have mentioned before, space is definitely one of them but other than space and the dimension there are some other features too which you must look for while buying a trampoline. 

Here is the list: 

Safety First

Safety is crucial while doing anything. Having a lot of fun in the trampoline and getting injured at the end of the day is definitely not a good experience. However, so, we must look for a trampoline that comes with a very strong closure and if not then we must go for a very strong closure in order to be totally safe.

On the other hand, the trampoline must be strong too. The legs of the trampoline are what makes the trampoline totally strong, W shaped legs are most preferable. Trampoline wreckage while enjoying the fun of the trampoline can lead to serious injuries. The frame of the trampoline is important too when you are thinking about trampoline wreckage or any kind of slight breakage.

Weight Capacity and Age Limit

Weight capacity is a must thing to look for while buying a trampoline. Most of the trampolines which are of the cheap rate will not provide a decent weight capacity but the products I have listed on my article are all above 320 pounds which is indeed good.

A trampoline with a weight capacity of 320 pounds will be able to bare 4 to 6 people at once which is indubitably decent. However, on the other hand, the age limit is a must thing to look for too because if you are looking for a trampoline where adults are going to jump then you must get a trampoline with a weight limit more than 400! 

Durability and Quality

These are the two features which matter in every single thing you decide to buy or go for. You are obviously not going to get a trampoline for a single year right? It has to be durable. There are trampolines which come with a warranty of over 5 years or 6 years. One of the trampolines in my list also has a warranty of 10 years, however, the warranty assures the quality of the product and also the durability.

Other than the warranty, the frame structure, strong disclosure, and W legs are the features that make a trampoline extremely strong, durable and also of high quality. Another thing to be totally assured of quality is to look for the TUV Certification, there are many products which are not TUV Certified. 


You must look for features but quality comes first. There are trampolines with tons of features but the quality of those products are mostly not that good. Features like basketball hoop are not provided in most of the trampolines and the trampolines which come with this feature are extremely expensive compared to most of the trampolines of my list.

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You can look for features like attached ladders and complimentary safety disclosure which are indeed a great help and leads to safety. 


The price of the trampoline varies, however, if it is your first trampoline then you should go for a trampoline of a medium-ranged price. Don’t go for trampolines which are cheaper than the ones I have mentioned because they might not be durable and might be of low quality.

Trampolines which include basketball hoop are extremely expensive as I have mentioned before and if you are willing to go for that then obviously you should. 

10 Things to Look for While Buying a Trampoline

Sometimes, it might become tough for people to select a trampoline among all the great trampolines there are in the market. Different companies are specialized in providing different features, so, it is a must to look for the feature you are actually craving for in your trampoline,

for example, many people prefer basketball hoop and some also might prefer spring-free features. However, there are a few features that you must look for in a trampoline, I tried to list them with a brief description below. 

Here are the things you must look for while buying the trampoline: 

Sufficient Space: This is the thing you must look for in the beginning, there are many trampolines which might look big from outside but if you get inside you are probably going to find out that there is not a sufficient amount of space.

Space is a huge requirement if you are going to go for an adult trampoline, nowadays, for kid’s trampoline space has become a huge requirement too, as your kid might invite his or her friends to have fun on the trampoline together. 15 Feet trampoline is a standard size and more than 5 people can enjoy at the same time. 

Safety Enclosure: Safety comes first! To ensure the safety of the trampoline, the first thing you must get for your trampoline is a safety enclosure. There is a high chance of losing the balance and hopping out from the trampoline which will lead to serious injuries. Attaching a safety enclosure will keep you safe from injuries. 

Weight Limit: Buying a trampoline and later finding out that the weight limit is low will lead you to serious disappointment about the trampoline because there also are trampolines which look huge and have huge space but not a great weight capacity. When the weight capacity is low, there will be high chance of having a sudden wreckage which will eventually lead to injuries. 

Durability: Durability is a must factor for each and everything. Buying a strong trampoline is a huge advantage because when the trampoline is not strong, it defects the bounce of the trampoline and on the other hand, leads to wreckage too. Looking for the warranty is the best thing you can do to check durability in a glance; there also are trampoline which come with lifetime warranty. 

Reviews and Records of the Manufacturer: Going for the renowned company is the best decision you can ever make to go for a trampoline because the trampolines which are made by the companies not so renowned are definitely cheaper but are not of good quality. Skywalker is definitely one of the most renowned companies right now and they come with all kinds of trampolines. 

Ladder for Kids Trampoline: Unless the trampoline is in-ground, you must look for a ladder on the trampoline because it might become difficult for kids to climb up to the trampoline, some might not even be able to climb up because there are trampoline which are of huge height. A ladder will without a doubt assist the kid.

The mat of the Trampoline: The surface where you are going to stand and jump must be of great quality because we mostly jump on trampolines on barefoot, and having a rusty or not so pleasant surface will not give you the best experience. The mat of high quality also lets us know about the end of the trampoline. Durable and high-quality trampolines always lead to great trampoline experience, so, try to check out the mat of the trampoline on the store or through reviews while buying the trampoline. 

Availability of the Spare Parts: Sometimes even the most durable products might have minor breakdowns, wreckage or dysfunction and for repairing them you will have to find out spare parts. There are some trampoline with parts totally unavailable on the market, if someone buys those trampolines and faces wreckage, they will have to go for a new trampoline or use it without the total experience.  

UV Resistant: Most of the people buy trampolines to have outdoor fun at home, however, in that case you must look for UV Resistant on your product because under harsh weather and heat of the sun the quality might deteriorate but when you buy a trampoline which is UV Resistant, you will not need to worry about that.

Price: Last but not the least, price is a very important factor! There are great trampolines at low price, for example, Skywalker trampolines but going for trampolines of the extremely low price will not be a good decision because they mostly don’t come with the features I have mentioned. However, going for the expensive trampolines is not a bad decision because the expensive ones are premium and comes with different great features. It totally depends on the price you are ready to spend.  

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Trampolines reviews

  1. What’s the perfect age for using trampolines?

Ans. There is no age for using the trampoline as it is not only fun but also a great exercise but if you are an adult and want to use a trampoline then you must go for trampolines with high weight capacity. 

  1. How many people can jump on a trampoline at once? 

Ans. It totally depends on the size of the trampoline and its weight capacity. If the weight capacity is more than a thousand then more than 7 or 8 people can jump inside the trampoline at once too with no problem. 

  1. Is getting a closure extremely important? 

Ans. Obviously! Without the closure, it is not safe, what if your child jumps outside of the trampoline? He or she might get injured!

Bottomline on Best Trampolines Reviews

There are trampolines of different qualities, different price ranges and also with different features and it totally depends on you about the one you are going to go for. However, looking for the features is a must thing when you are buying a trampoline because the features are the things which make a trampoline great.

On the other hand, you must look for safety because getting injured while having fun doesn’t only lead to a dangerous experience but a danger to someone’s life. It was nice having you here, check out the other articles for more details regarding trampolines and many other sports equipment. 

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