7 Best Trampoline Brands in 2022 Based on User Experiences

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(Last Updated On: October 15, 2022)

Are you planning to buy a trampoline but confused about which one to go for? Confused about the quality and features of the trampoline you are going to go for? There is a simple solution to this problem and that is going for the Best Trampoline Brands which are reputable for their trampolines and user satisfaction. However, at this moment there are many great trampoline brands but which one would you go for? It depends on the features, quality, and budget you are expecting from the trampoline. Every trampoline brand is special in its own sector. 

Our personal favorite brand is Skywalker trampolines and the predominant reason behind it is that it comes with different features and quality but at the same, the Skywalker trampoline is very affordable and the price of every trampoline is highly reasonable. On the other hand, most of their products come with an extremely safe enclosure, which is a very important thing to look for while buying a trampoline. Their customer reviews are marvelous and have a very low amount of unsatisfactory rate. There are many other trampoline brands that are as great as Skywalker but it is our personal favorite because of the reasons I have mentioned above. 

The 7 Best Trampoline Brands list

After researching about each and every sector which makes a trampoline brand great we have picked out the top seven trampoline brands there is right now. They all can be classified on the same level but there are some ups and downs on the trampolines I have mentioned on my list. 

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The American trampoline company started the trek in the year 2005 and is now one of the leading trampoline companies of the industry. The variation, choices, and quality of the Skywalker’s trampolines in incomparable, not only this but their designs are classy and eye-catching too. The different shape choices, starting from round to rectangular and square lets the trampoline users have a variety of choices. With the advanced technology and strong parts, Skywalker makes wonderfully strong and durable trampolines which last for years and sometimes decades. The 8 Feet Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Combo by Skywalker is still considered as one of the best trampolines ever made and is being sold every day. 

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A great factor about Skywalker trampoline is the weight capacity of the trampolines they make, as they are quite high if we compare to the size of the trampolines. The 6W shape Legs of the trampolines enhances its durability and capability of lasting longer than most of the other trampolines and other brands. With the 13 years of this journey, Skywalker is a very successful trampoline company, obviously is one of the leading ones and our personal favorite. 


  • Durability
  • Features
  • Weight Capacity
  • Affordable
  • 13 Years of Good Reputation 

2. Jumpsports

One of the most popular trampoline companies also known for inventing safety enclosure for the first time. The company’s owner Mark Publicover came up with this brilliant idea for user safety. They have been in the list of top brans since the company was established. It has been 2 decades of an honorable reputation for this company and still, they are making high-quality trampolines and delivering all around the world. Maintaining their unbeatable premium quality is what makes them one of the best. On the other hand, their customer service is just glorious, the friendly voice of their customer service will be assisting you on everything. trampoline brand review

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Their fitness and backyard trampolines are the most famous criteria, the backyard trampolines are big in size whereas the fitness trampolines are comparatively smaller. Jumpsports without a doubt makes the best safety nets if we even compare with Skywalker. On the other hand, their customer reviews are extremely satisfying. The only problem I could come up with is the price rate of this company, however, it is quite obvious as most of their products are totally premium. Jumports 570 pro is their most popular trampoline which comes with a lifetime warranty and is of 41-inch.


  • Premium Quality
  • 20 Years of Good Reputation
  • Highly Efficient Safety Nets
  • Very High Durability 


  • Expensive

3. Springfree

This Company makes the most unique trampolines there is. Having trampolines with no springs or hard edges, however, having the advanced technology on it makes the trampoline extremely flexible and safe. Springfree is in fact known for the variations and their efficiency towards safety. They are totally quality assured which proves how to dedicate they are to keep their products durable. On the other hand, the remarkable customer reviews will make you feel sure that how good they are on building the safest trampolines. Its surface made with advanced technology and the safety nets assure that it is the safest trampoline in the industry right now.trampoline-brand-reviewed

The Springfree design was invented by the founder of the company, Keith Vivian Alexander. Spring free was founded in New Zealand and now it is one of the most popular trampoline companies all over the world. The company started selling products from the year 2004, so, it has been more than a decade since they have started. On 2009 they also won a very honorable award for the best trampoline design. With its safety, durability and highly advanced technology, this company’s trampolines are not any less than Skywalker or Jumpsports. Springfree’s 13 Feet Jumbo square trampoline is a favorite to many.


  • Springfree Design
  • Extremely Safe
  • Durable
  • No Hard Edge


  • Expensive

4. Zupapa

Zupapa is another popular company founded in the United States of America. The trampolines of this company are renowned for flexibility and simplicity. Zupapa trampolines are extremely easy to assemble and adaptable too. They are extremely popular for building kids trampolines as most of their kid’s trampoline are TUV approved and they come in different sizes and a fine variation of colors. TUV is a German quality assurance system and also is known as one of the biggest quality assurance process for the trampolines of all kind, however, most of the Zupapa products are assured by TUV. 

Other than their trampoline’s flexibility and adaptability, the trampolines can bare a lot of weight for small size, on the other hand, they provide a lot of complimentary gifts with the trampoline including ladder, enclosure net, safety pad and many more. The best part of their product is that they are way cheaper than most of the trampolines I have mentioned on my list. Some of their great trampolines also consist of rain-covers and T-hooks which are a great help for safety indeed. Zupapa’s TUV Approved Kids Trampoline which comes in three different sizes; 15 Feet, 12 Feet, and 14 Feet are one of their most popular products and it is one of the highest sold kids trampolines too. 

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  • Great Kids Trampolines
  • Extremely Cheap
  • Easy to Assemble
  • TUV Approved 


  • Some of Their Products are Not Durable

5. Upper Bounce Trampolines

Upper Bounce Trampolines are extremely famous for the durability and strong parts. They make all kind of trampolines starting from kids trampolines to all shapes of trampolines. Their small sized trampolines are one of the best in the market right now. However, Upper Bounce trampolines are simple to assemble and come with the whole equipped set, so, that you will not need to go for any extra expense. The trampolines Upper Bounce makes are highly durable and their mats are incredibly strong too. Most of the Upper Bounce trampolines are water resistant and also UV resistant, so, you will not need to think about its durability without a doubt.

Upper Bounce is another company from the United States of America. Other than Upper Bounce Trampolines, their parts are extremely famous and people often buy their parts to fix different trampolines of other brands, especially their mats and nets. However, with the incredibly strong frame structure and low price this company is definitely one of the best trampoline companies right now. When a company produces high-quality products with a price so low, it is a must for the people who have a low budget to go for them, and Upper Bounce is one of those companies.


  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • Strong Parts
  • Water and UV Resistant


  • Old Design

6. Skybound

This is another company founded in the United States of America. This company started their trek in the year 2009, so they’re pretty near to a decade of honor and reputation as they have a marvelous success rate of satisfying customers with their products. A great fact about Skybound is that they make premium trampolines and also trampolines for the people who have a low budget. Obviously, the premium trampolines are of higher quality but the trampolines of the lower budget are no way the less. Their round trampolines are especially very famous as they have a better bounce than other trampolines of other shapes. 

Most of their products come with UV Protection and also Rust Protection which proves their durability. The trampolines of this company are famous for their best bounce, it is made with high technology to make the bounce way more enjoyable than the other trampolines. The products of this company are extremely flexible about the quality and also about the price, as you can get products of all sort of quality and price. However, their Stratos Trampoline with Enclosure is an evergreen hit, the trampoline comes in 3 different sizes and on the other hand, the price is extremely low compared to the quality and features.


  • Price Flexibility
  • Durable
  • Easy to Assemble
  • UV Protection


  • Premium Products are Really Pricey.

7. ExacMe Trampolines

ExacMe is the newest company of my list, however, within these 7 years it has become immense renowned with their rectangular trampolines especially. High quality and posh design trampolines at a very cheap price? Is that what you are looking for? If yes, then ExacMe trampolines are for you. The company’s office from Portland, Oregon. ExacMe’s 7×10 Feet 4U Leg Trampoline is a fan favorite as it is a high-quality trampoline at a very cheap price. A great factor of ExacMe trampoline is that their weight capacity is quite high, most of the average size trampolines can bare up to a weight of 350 pounds, which means they could bear the weight of more than 5 people at once.

Many of their trampolines come with special features such as attached ladders, enclosure net and many more. The safety net is made with huge care, some of the trampolines even have 8 fabricated safety nets. Their product is also easy to assemble, which is indeed a great factor for trampolines especially the rectangular trampolines. Their round trampolines are great too and obviously cheaper than most of the other trampolines I have mentioned in my list.

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  • Extremely Cheap
  • Efficient Quality
  • Fine Weight Capacity


  • Some Products are Not that Durable

What Makes a Best Trampoline Brands Great?

There are many things that make a trampoline brand great, quality, price, features, durability, weight capacity and obviously, space capacity. However, not all brands cover all of these features, nevertheless, Skywalker is a great brand and some of their products pretty much cover all of the features I have mentioned. Two of the main features, we must look for in a trampoline is Safety and the Bounce. A trampoline that is built with great safety features and the awesome bouncing material is already a great trampoline and a great trampoline leads the company to become great!

What is the Best Trampoline Brand for Kids?

There are many brands which are great for kids, Skywalker, Jumpsports, ExacMe, and many others but if you ask me to choose one, then it will be JumpSports because some of their mini trampolines are extremely good. The 350 Trampoline of JumpSports is just too good for kids! A kid’s trampoline should have features like safety, great bounce, affordable price, and a nice design and the Jumpsports mini trampolines cover all of the features I have mentioned above. Weight capacity is not a  major factor when you are looking for a kids trampoline.

What is Best Trampoline Brand for Adults?

An Adult trampoline should focus on features like weight capacity and space capacity the most. Other than these two features, bounce and safety are a must. Safety is practically crucial for trampoline of all kind as it comes first. Zupapa is a great trampoline company for adult trampolines and I would select this company as a great adult trampoline builder. First of all, their products come with huge weight capacity and on the other hand, they are quite cheap too. The TUV certification is a cherry on the top and obviously the durability too. The only problem is that it doesn’t come with long warranties.

What is the Best Trampoline Brand for Gymnastics? 

For gymnastic looking for a rectangular trampoline is the best decision you can ever go for. On the other hand, it has to be extremely strong and of high space capacity. However, Skywalker is the greatest brand for trampolines which are great for Gymnastics. Skywalker’s 15 Feet Rectangular trampoline is just too good for the people who are willing to practice gymnastics on a trampoline. The product has a huge space, it is weather resistant and obviously, it is a product of one of the finest companies of all time. Overall, I would say that Skywalker’s rectangular trampolines are just unbeatable.

What is the Best Trampoline Brand for Outdoor? 

There are many trampolines which make great outdoor trampolines but Skywalker is our choice. Safety is a must for outdoor trampolines and Skywalker trampolines without a doubt cover that factor. Skywalker’s 8 Feet Safety Enclosure Combo is a fan favorite outdoor trampoline as it is safe, cheap and of high quality.

Final Words

Going for a trampoline after knowing about the brands is crucial because different brands are great for different features and it pretty much depends on you about the feature you crave the most. There are many factors which make a trampoline brand great that I have mentioned above, you must keep that in mind while buying the trampoline. However, all of the trampoline brands I have mentioned above are great and there are many other trampolines which I couldn’t mention. You must look for user review of the brand to find out which trampoline is great. Stay connected with us for more trampoline reviews!

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