10 Best Rebounder Review- Buying Guide, Health Benefits, Safety

By gias
(Last Updated On: July 18, 2020)

 A rebounder is fun. In a rebounder, this fun is turned into an exercise. Usually, people find exercise a boring thing. A rebounder is a device where the fun comes to a low impact exercise. Using a rebounder you can perform jumping jacks, twists and a wide variety of motion-based exercises. It is also called mini-trampoline.

A quality rebounder provides you more physical benefits than any other cardio. In this article, I am going to present to you 10 best rebounders according to quality, popularity, people’s choice, and price. 

Our best pick

If you are in a hurry there is our best pick:

JumpSport 250 Fitness Trampoline Review

What makes it Best?

Jumpsport is a world-famous US-based trampoline manufacturing company. Their 250 model fitness trampoline is best of all. It is very safe and accurate. It comes almost fully assembled. You can jump just after removing the box and attaching the legs. The frame is very sturdy and durable.

No-tip arched leg design makes the jumping safe and gives you more confidence. Jumpsport 250 has more space because of padded petals cover cords. This extra space gives you more safety. Jumpsport guaranteed 400 thousand bounces and 3x to 4x more longer life than any other competitive product. 

Best features of Jumpsport 250 fitness trampoline

Best performance with high-quality deep bounce.

  • Large Jumping surface.
  • Best for stability and safety.
  • 30 patented elastic cords make it heavy and help to reduce 40% impact than a conventional trampoline.
  • Patented no-tip arched legs ensure more safety.
  • Comes almost assembled. 
  • Patented padded petals cover cords add more safety and create more bouncing area.
  • Totally US-based company; they make the world’s best trampoline.


Basically, the rebounder is an exercise device. It is also known as a mini-trampoline. Exercise is done over this device using its elastic facility. You can perform a lot of freehand exercises on it. Such as jumping jacks, twists, side to side motion, running in place, dance movements and a wide variety of other movements.

These exercises are more effective than general cardio.  A typical rebounder trampoline is 3-4 feet in diameter. The bouncing area is smaller than the actual size. Generally, it has six legs. A round frame holds the main structure and elastic cords used to hold the bungees. 

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Is A Rebounder Worth to Buy?

If I have to answer is in one word then I must say yes. A rebounder is not only a fun thing, but it is also an exercising device as well. You can place a rebounder in your room and also you can set it in your backyard. It is easy to move. Children like it. Physicians also recommend it.

To maintain good health and fitness a rebounder will help you very effectively. Rebounding enhances your digestion, stimulates metabolism, lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels, increases stamina, burns calories, helps to maintain a slim belly. So, a rebounder will help you physically and mentally. It is worthy to buy.

10 Best Rebounder Reviews

1. Jumpsport 250 fitness trampoline review

If you are a trampoline or rebounder fan then you just heard the name of Jumpsport. It is a united state based trampoline making company. Established in 1998. They operate from California. Jumpsport makes a backyard trampoline and fitness trampoline. Jumpsport 250 fitness trampoline is a rebounder basically. You can call it a mini-trampoline. It is a home rebounder. You can set it easily in your room and do a lot of cardio exercises. Jumpsport 250 fitness trampoline has long-lasting premium bungees with safely cushioned bounce. No question about quality and durability. 

Jumpsport 250 fitness trampoline is perfect in home rebounder. Easily fit in a room of your home. It is a space saver. The jumping area is larger because of the included extra-wide padded mat. Cushioned bounce. So, you feel comfortable. 

Jumpsport gives a basic workout video included with the product. Beginners will get proper instruction on how to use it and get benefited. The mainframe is 39-inch and it is coated with black powder. The diameter of the jumping surface is 35.5-inches and it has overlapping petal pads. The elastic cord used in jumpsport 250 fitness trampoline is its specialty. 

They used EnduroLast-2 in this rebounder. You will get 2 years of warranty for these elastic cords. These cords are tested for millions of bounces. You can upgrade the cords to EnduroLast 3. There are 7 adjustable tension setting cords that make flexible bounce. 

This rebounder is virtually silent because of its smooth cushioned surface. Compared to conventional rebounder it has a 40% reduction on impact. 30 patented elastic cord is responsible for that. It is a wonderful benefit of this rebounder.

The rebounder has patented no-pin arched legs that provide stability and resist from usual tipping. There are available handles and other trampoline accessories for this rebounder at jumpsport. 

Products information at a glance

  • Frame size 39-inches    
  • Item weight 22 pounds    
  • Bounce area 485 square inches    
  • Workout area with the skirt 1030 square inches (skirt with petals)    
  • Bounce cycles 400k    
  • Number of cords 30    
  • stability Best    
  • Weight limit 250 pounds     
  • Firmness levels 1    
  • Home use warranty For frame and legs- lifetime warranty
  • For the mat and cords- 2 years.  

What we did like

  • Frame quality.
  • Arched legs.
  • EnduroLast-2 elastic cords.
  • Suitable for home use.
  • Better safety concern.
  • Huge jumping surface.
  • 40% reduction on impact.
  • Durable materials.
  • Very easy one-step assembly facility.
  • Warranty facilities.

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What we didn’t like

  • The cord can snap after long time use.
  • Some people are disappointed by the warranty service.

Our words

Jumpsport 250 fitness trampoline doesn’t have any major issues. It is best at its price. Some people think it is better than any other high-end rebounder, Safe, comfortable and long-lasting rebounder is everyone’s desire. According to these parameters, jumpsport 250 fitness trampoline is a perfect fit.

2. Half Fold CELLERCISER® Kit (Rebounder) Review

Half-fold cellerciser is not like a typical rebounder. It’s not like a mini trampoline either. It is a very useful exercising device. It is designed to tone your body to a perfect shape. Durability, safety, and longevity are guaranteed. You can fold in half that will save your storage. If you are lack of storage then it should be your first choice. Exercising with cellerciser is very effective. 10-minute exercise on cellerciser will help to tone your entire body. It works cell to cell. Rebounder king Dave hall invented this design in 1993. He gradually upgraded this thing. 

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Life is busy. It is very hard to find time for the gym after doing all the office work and household work. For a working woman, it is harder. After preparing food, managing children women can’t go to the gym. Here rebounder can play a big role. They just have to spend a little time over a half fold cellerciser and perform some bouncing steps according to video.

It is a spring-based rebounder. There is no elastic cord. It is a triple-tiered spring system cellerciser. Bounces are v

ery even here. No too soft or too hard bounce occurred. It is very good for your knee. You can easily fold it to its half. You can store it easily in a small space. You can also carry it traveling. It is adjustable in your car. If you spend some additional money then they give you foldable legs.

The frame of the cellerciser is made of steel and it is very strong and durable. You feel safe while bouncing. 8.5-inch steel legs are supporting the steel frame and make it stronger and give a maximum spring action.

A heavy-duty wire helps to adjust the legs to the frame. The steel frame is covered by polymer cover. Cellerciser brand gives you some extra accessories without charging extra fees for them. In the cellerciser kit, you will get two DVD. the name of the DVDs is ”Don’t exercise, Cellercise” and “Cellercise, the ultimate exercise”. You are getting a carrying bag and a folding rebounder. The springs of the cellerciser are easily replaceable. The manufacturer gives you a five-year warranty.  

Basic Product information 

  • Frame size 40-inch    
  • Item weight 32.7 pounds    
  • Legs height 8.5-inch    
  • Rebounding Matt diameter 28-inch    
  • Number of springs 36    
  • stability Best    
  • Weight limit 250 pounds    
  • Workout videos in DVD 2    
  • Firmness levels 1    
  • Home use warranty Warranty 5 years  

What did we like

  • It is as a high-quality rebounder.
  • It is very easy to set up.
  • It is very much affordable compared to its competitor. 
  • It doesn’t consume much space. It is easily fit in your home. 
  • Easy to carry.
  • Safety and durability guaranteed.
  • High-quality spring.
  • Available spare parts.
  • Electro padded finish over steel construction.
  • 5 years manufacturer warranty.

Available on Amazon

What we didn’t like

  • Some people said that cellerciser is loud, squeaky. This is for the spring. 

Our words

Cellerciser is the best. The 20 or 30 minutes you spend over it will able to shift your fitness level to another level. The construction of the cellerciser ensures that it is pretty much safe and durable. It is definitely worth your money. 

3. Needak Soft-Bounce Non-Folding Rebounder

Needak soft-bounce non-folding rebounder is a rebounder is for those people who don’t really care about space and portability. This is a non-folding rebounder so you can’t fold in half. Needak is a rebounder brand of USA. They also work in Canada and Australia. Basically, they sell two types of rebounders. soft -bounce and hard bounce. These rebounders are of two types of folding and non-folding. Here in this article, we are talking about a soft-bounce non-folding rebounder from Needak. 

A heavy grade steel frame is the mainframe of Needak soft-bounce non-folding rebounder. The 40-inch steel frame is well finished with a non-toxic black powder coat. For jumping or bouncing, there are thirty-six heavy-duty springs and custom-made jumbo springs. Needak used Permatron rebounder mat which resists precipitation and sunlight. That’s why this rebounder is durable.

The heavy-duty soft-bounce springs of Needak reduce 85% body impact on the mat. So that customer’s knees, ankles, and lower back are safe. Bounces are even and soft which your body can easily handle. No chance of unnatural strain on your knees and spine. 

Needak used industrial-grade polypropylene mat. This mat is very heavy and durable for such a long time. 

There are six legs attached to the mainframe of the rebounder. The legs are made of steel tube and they are attached to the frame via a spring so that you can easily fold it while not using the rebounder. There is no frame skirt. Actually, this rebounder doesn’t need a frame skirt. Needak uses safety cleat. It is enclosed to the fabric tab.

Needak offers a limited lifetime warranty to their every product. So, you don’t need to worry about support.

It is a product of the USA. You can rely on them. They don’t use cheap parts and low-quality materials. 

Basic product information

  • Frame size 40-inch    
  • Item weight 26 pounds    
  • Number of Legs 6    
  • Legs height 9-inch    
  • Rebounding Matt diameter 28 ½-inch    
  • Number of springs 36    
  • stability good    
  • Weight limit of 300 pounds    
  • Workout videos in DVD 2    
  • Firmness levels 1    
  • Home use warranty Limited lifetime  

What did we like most

  • Soft -bounce 
  • Strong spring
  • Mat quality.
  • Folding legs.
  • Heavy gauge American steel frame.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

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What we didn’t like

  • It is a non-folding rebounder. So, you can not able to fold in half. It will occupy more space while storing it. 

Our Words

Needak is another pure American product. You can not doubt the quality of their products. No chance of using cheap parts and low-quality materials. I liked this rebounder for its low bounce feature. It really helps. For a beginner, it is the best. Reducing body impact is very important. Otherwise, some serious problems in your knees and spine can happen. So, I must say it would be a wise decision to have it.

4. JumpSport 220 Fitness Trampoline, In-Home Mini Rebounder

Across the world rebounders or mini-trampolines from Jumpsport are very popular not only among the common people but also the professional fitness instructors of famous gyms. Everybody likes Jumpsport because of their world-class product quality. No one can claim any complaint about their product. Jumpsport 220 is a fitness trampoline. It is also called in-home mini rebounder. Jumpsport says in their rebounder fitness meets fun. Watching the provided DVD you can perform a lot of fitness moves. Those will help you reducing body fat, maintaining the slim and lean body.  

The frame of the Jumpsport 220 series is very strong. The 39-inch steel frame is covered with black powder. This coating makes the frame durable. 

Jumpsport makes their rebounder with cords. Springs are a little bit louder. Cords are fine. They use 30 patented EnduroLast 2 cords for best uses. These cords ensure your best bounce. The quality assurance department has tested 400 thousand smooth bounces.  For better performance, you can upgrade the cord to EnduroLast 3. There are 7 tension setting cords that help you to get a smoother bounce always.

Patented no pin arched legs give more safety. No single chance of slipping or breakdown during rebounding. 

Jumpsport is a family-owned business which is located in the USA. Mr. Mark Publicover invented the trampoline enclosure 20 years ago. He developed the trampoline and help millions of people to maintain their health and body. Now Jumpsport is a huge industry and it is the ultimate name of a trampoline. 

Basic product information

  • Frame size 39-inches    
  • Item weight 21 pounds    
  • Bounce area 485 square inches    
  • Workout area with the skirt 882 square inches (skirt with petals)    
  • Bounce cycles 400k    
  • Number of cords 30    
  • stability Best    
  • Weight limit 225 pounds    
  • Workout videos in DVD 1    
  • Firmness levels 1    
  • Home use warranty For frame and legs- lifetime warranty
  • For the mat and cords- 2 years.  

What did we like

  • Heavy-duty frame.
  • Long-lasting EnduroLast 2 cord.
  • High-quality mat.
  • Arched legs.
  • Good for cardio.
  • It is virtually silent.
  • Large jumping surface.
  • Renowned company.
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Available on Amazon

What we didn’t like

The jumping surface is smaller than other models.

Can’t perform well if excessively used. 

Our words

Jumpsport is a safe source of a quality rebounder or mini-trampoline. Jumpsport 220 model mini trampoline is a mid-level rebounder that can fulfill your basic and mid-level rebounder exercise. It is one of the best rebounders at this price. You will love it. 

5. Maximus Pro Quarter Folding Rebounder Mini Trampoline

Maximus Pro Quarter Folding Rebounder Mini Trampoline is a product of MXL Maximus life. They manufacture high-quality professional rebounder. Rebounder that can help you lead a healthy, fit and a happy life. Maximus pro quarter rebounder helps you to get perfect low impact exercise though jumping on it. Safety is an important issue in a rebounder. Here in MXL Maximus life’s product safety is guaranteed. While using you feel very confident to jump more and more. People of all ages can use it.  

Maximus Pro quarter folding rebounder or mini trampoline is a super quality rebounder and very popular among the professional fitness instructor and athletes. This robust rebounder delivers magnificent performances. This mini trampoline is made of heavy-duty steel. The frame is very sturdy so that you can use the mini trampoline daily repeatedly without and trouble for such a long period of time. 

This mini trampoline is foldable. It can be folded in its quarter size. So, it doesn’t take much place in your home. Not only it is space saver but also you can carry it in a bag. A beautiful carrying bag is included with the rebounder. 

Springs are vital parts of a rebounder. A rebounder’s quality depends on springs. Maximus pro quarter folding rebounder is consists of giant jumbo coiled springs. The springs are attached with a double-cross stitched mat that gives you low impact rebounding experience.

This product comes with a package including a workout DVD, free bar, bands, and weights. There is an offer of free trial membership. 

Basic product information

  • Frame size 40-inches    
  • Item weight 12 kgs    
  • Bounce area 69 centimeter    
  • stability Spring-loaded collapsible legs    
  • Weight limit 140 kgs    
  • Workout videos in DVD 1    
  • Storage Quarter folding    
  • Firmness levels 1    
  • Home use warranty For frame and legs- lifetime warranty
  • For the mat and cords- 2 years.  

What did we like

  • Wide and strong iron frame. 
  • Proven by world-famous athletes and fitness instructor.
  • Giant strong springs.
  • Long-lasting matt.
  • Quarter fording facilities. 
  • I can carry it in a bag.
  • Weight limit is 140 kgs.
  • Strong foldable legs. 
  • Workout DVD, bar and weights are free with the rebounder.

Available on Amazon

What you didn’t like

  • Springs are noisy.
  • Need two people to fold it.

Our words

Maximus Pro is a professional level rebounder. Its build quality is just awesome. I am convinced by its performance and quarter folding facilities. I can use it where I want this 36-inch rebounder is a complete package and I think because it is very easy to carry with.

6. Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline Review

At number six we have a rebounder from the manufacturer called stamina. The rebounder is called stamina 36-inch folding trampoline. Stamina is a very reliable and very sophisticated trampling maker and manufacturer in the United States of America. They are the first fitness equipment manufacturer in the United States of America. They are developing their products frequently. We can find their products at Walmart on Amazon and any other famous outlets of the world. They said they are truly dedicated to building a healthy and stronger you.

This 36-inch rebounder is a complete package. There were 30 tension bands to provide the safe quiet and quality bounce as any other rebounds are there is a safety pad to cover the bands and ensure safety bounce. If we are talking about the jumping surface then these stamina rebounder has heavy-duty jump surface. being a heavy-duty rebounder this jumping surface can carry 250 LBS weight.

And don’t worry about safety there is a safety skirt also. Stamina 36-inch rebounder is a folding rebounder that you can fold it and carry it when you are not using it. This is a space-saving reminder. this rebounder has 6 detachable legs and all the legs are rubber-tipped so that they can’t damage your floor. And also no chance of slipping down.

A rebounder is exercise equipment if you cannot use it properly then all of your money surely going in vain. but don’t worry stamina giving you Free exercise videos with every reminder. with stamina 36-inch rebounder you will get free online workout videos and to high energy routines.

Basic product information

  •  Frame size 36-inches.    
  • Item weight 10.7 pounds.    
  • Item dimension 36.5 x 36.5 x 8.8 inches.    
  • Legs 6 detachable rubber-tipped legs.    
  • Weight limit of 250 pounds.    
  • Workout videos in DVD 3.    
  • Storage Half folding.    
  • Firmness levels 1.    
  • Home use warranty For frame and legs- lifetime warranty.
  • For the mat and cords- 2 years.  

What did we like

  • It is small.
  • No noise.
  • Heavy-duty frame.
  • Safe bouncing because of safety skirts. 
  • Foldable.
  • 3 workout DVDs.

Available on Amazon

What we didn’t like

  • Narrow jumping surface. 
  • I didn’t like short elastic bands.

Our words 

This rebounder is a very basic one. It is really good to try. Despite of short jumping surface, it is wonderful. Stamina is a good manufacturer. Many people believe them as a rebounder or fitness equipment maker. 

7. Upper Bounce Mini Foldable Rebounder

Those who are looking for a high-end rebounder upper bounce is a safe choice for them. Upper bounds is a renowned rebounder maker and they said they only make high-end rebounder. This upper bounce mini foldable rebounder fitness trampoline comes with adjustable handrail and there are two variants of rebounder one is 40-inch and the other is 48-inch.

This hai and rebounder is made of a durable and heavy gauge steel frame. The rebound has 6 to 8 legs for additional stability.you will get six legs if you purchase 40-inch size or you will get 8 if you purchase 48-inch size. Though these are near to big size rebounder so the jumping surface is not an issue here. You will get high-quality jumping surface and they use polypropylene material to make the deserving jumping service and it will able to handle all the cardio workout you do over it. The handle is removable and adjustable.

You can adjust the height of the handrails and there is a handgrip on it. The handgrip is made of foam. This hand has five adjusting settings. Upper bounce gives you all the necessary tools that you need to assemble the rebounder included with the package. You just five minutes to assemble it. 

The rebounder is foldable. you can fold it to its half. So it is space-saving and easy to carry.  

This rebounder is a spring-type rebounder. They use heavy-duty springs. Completely rust resistance and durable for a long time. There is a safety pad to cover the steel frame and the spring area. The safety pad is made of vinyl. Legs are rubber capped.  

Basic product information

  • Frame size 40-inch 48-inch    
  • Item weight 24.5 pounds 29 pounds    
  • Item dimension 40 x 40 x 8 inches 49 x 15 x 4 inches    
  • Legs 6 detachable rubber-tipped legs. 8 detachable rubber-tipped legs.    
  • Weight limit 200 pounds 200 pounds    
  • Jumping Surface 29.72″ 37.79”    
  • Storage Half folding Half folding    
  • Trampoline height 8” 10”    
  • Adjustable 5 position Handrail Heights 31.5″ / 35.5″/ 39.5″ / 43.5″/ 47″ 31.5″ / 35.5″/ 39.5″ / 43.5″/ 47″  

What did we like

  • Adjustable handrail.
  • Easy to assemble. (5 mins)
  • Easy disassembling.
  • Strong springs.
  • Vinyl covering safety pad.
  • Perfect for a child as well as adults.

Available on Amazon

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What we didn’t like

  • Welds are poor.

My words

Upper bounce mini trampoline is a high-end rebounder with an adjustable handrail. A handrail Is very helpful if you want to buy it for your child and senior citizen of your family. This rebounder is safe. You can go for it without any doubt. 

8. JumpSport 350 PRO | Fitness Trampoline 

If you have a little knowledge about rebounder and trampoline then I bet you must have heard the name of Jumpsport. It is the Ferrari of a rebounder.  This mega-brand makes a good number of outstanding rebounders. Due to this reason, I have to put three of their products in my top 10 rebounders list. Now I am gonna introduce you with a pro-level rebounder. It is called Jumpsport 350 Pro fitness trampoline. This pro-level fitness trampoline is a professionals choice. 

Though Jumpsport 350 pro is a professional level rebounder so that people buy it for its high-intensity workout facilities. It is very easy to assume that a professional level rebounder is made from high quality and durable materials. The mainframe of the rebounder is very strong and promise to bear load up to 300 pounds which is excellent.

We all know that Jumpsport makes cord based rebounder. They used 36 Patented EnduroLast-4 cords. These cords are guaranteed to give you smooth bounces. Quality control department ensures over 1 million safe and smooth bounces. There is an excellent facility here to adjust bounce tension according to individual weight. So, you don’t need to compromise with the smoothness of the bounce where you and your partners have different body weights. 

No-tip arched legs are one of the special facility that every Jumpsport rebounder provides. Legs are safe on any floor and come almost fully assembled. 

There are skirts over the cords that increase the space and bouncing area. 

Basic product information

  • Frame size 39-inches    
  • Item weight 21.8 pounds    
  • Item dimension 41 x 4 x 40 inches    
  • Legs .No-Tip arched legs    
  • Weight limit 300 pounds    
  • Workout videos in DVD 4    
  • Bounce Area 510 sq in    
  • Firmness levels 7    
  • Home use warranty For frame and legs- lifetime warranty
  • For the mat and cords- 2 years.  

What did we like most

  • Large bouncing area.
  • Very stable and provide safe bounces.
  • Smooth and silent.
  • EnduroLast-4 cords.
  • Full body exercise device.
  • Easy to adjust bounce tension.

Available on Amazon

What we didn’t like

  • We can’t fold it. 

Our Words

If you are really serious about rebounding exercise then you should look for a pro-level rebounder. In this situation, this professional-level rebounder from US-based company Jumpsport should fulfill your desire. Jumpsport fitness trampoline 350 PRO is recommended by a lot of professional fitness experts and athletes. Where fitness meets fun. 

9. ANCHEER Max Load 220lbs Rebounder Trampoline

For great low impact aerobic workout Ancheer max load 220lbs rebounder trampoline is a decent choice. This beautiful looking simple but effective rebounder trampoline is one of the best rebounders in the world for its simplicity with accurate functionality and compact design. This rebounder is from a renowned health and fitness product manufacturing company named Ancheer. Ancheer is operating its business throughout the world over a decade.

From the name, we got to know that this rebounder can carry maximum 220lbs weight. This rebounder comes with two types and each type has two sizes. Types are folding and not folding. Each type has a 38-inch and 40-inch variant. Folding trampolines are two types. One time folding and two times folding. One time folding and not folding trampoline has 6 legs. Two times folding trampoline has 8 legs. Tough rubber guards protect the trampoline from unwanted movement.

Ancheer max load 220 lbs rebounder trampoline is a spring based rebounder. Not-folding series comes with V-shaped springs and folding series comes with single springs. 

Jumping surface is made of a Breathable mat. 

Assembling is very easy. Even a single person can assemble it. It will take not more than half an hour to assemble it. 

Basic product information

  • Frame size 38/40 inches    
  • Weight limit 220 lbs    
  • Color Blue, Grey, Black, Red    
  • Legs .6/8    
  • Folding Not folding, one-time folding, two times folding    
  • Spring mode V-springs and single springs.    
  • Spring quantity 32/34    
  • Height 18 cm  

Available On Amazon

What did we like

  • Excellent and compact design.
  • Breathable mat
  • Sturdy legs.
  • Foldable designs.
  • Strong springs. 
  • Choices in color.
  • Simple assembly.

What we didn’t like

  • I am not fond of springs.
  • Springs cover is not good.

Our Words 7 Personally, I find this rebounder as an entry-level rebounder. But you can use it along with your family. If you are not an active person and work at home in front of a computer then this rebounder can help you out to maintain a fit and healthy body. 

10. Pure Fun Mini Rebounder Trampoline Review

We are at the very end of the best rebounder of the planet. This is our number 10 best rebounder which is from the manufacturer called Pure global. The pure fun mini rebounder trampoline is a 40-inch exercise mini trampoline with handrail. This included adjustable handrail is a special attraction of this rebounder. 

Pure fun mini rebounder trampoline provides a 40-inch jumping surface. The jumping surface is quietly convincing. 

The pure fun mini rebounder is a spring-based rebounder. They used 36 galvanized springs where each spring is 2.75-inch long. These sturdy steel springs provide smooth and safe bounces for a long time.

The handrail can be adjusted between 39-inch to 42-inch. There is a black rubber grip in the handrail. 

Here in this pure fun mini trampoline, the jumping mat is a polypropylene mat. This is very heavy and durable for a long time as well as ensures smooth bounces.

The springs are covered with blue color padding. 

There are six grey color legs tipped with black rubber. Each leg is 8.5-inch long. 

The pure fun mini trampoline can bear a maximum load of 250lbs.  

Basic product information

  • Frame size 38/40 inches    
  • Weight limit 250 lbs    
  • Item weight 22 pounds    
  • Color Spring pad is blue, jumping mat is black.    
  • Legs .6    
  • Folding Not folding    
  • Spring mode single springs.    
  • Spring quantity 36    
  • Height 42-inch with the handrail.  

What did we like 

  • The adjustable handrail.
  • Large jumping area.
  • Heavy-duty steel springs.
  • Polypropylene jumping mat.
  • Cushioned spring pad.
  • ASTM, TUV/GS, CE certified.

Available on Amazon

What we didn’t like

  • 90 days limited warranty.
  • Welds look poor.

Our Words

Rebounding is fun. Here pure fun mini trampoline offers you pure fun with fitness exercise. I think this mini trampoline with an adjustable handrail will able to provide long-time support to you and your family. 

Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Rebounder 

How to choose the best rebounder?

To choose the best rebounder you should check these-

Jumping area: Larger Jumping area will help you a lot.

Jumping mat: Jumping mat should be made from good material. Polypropylene mat is good.

Spring cover: If choose a spring-based rebounder then you have to check the cover of the springs. It should be made from good material.

Cord: if you choose a cord based rebounder then check the cord name. The EnduroLast cord is good.

Legs: Sturdy steel legs with rubber tip will be fine.

Brand: Go for a branded rebounder for safety.

Health Benefits of a Rebounder

A rebounder gives you full-body exercise. Doctors and fitness experts recommend it.

Here some health benefits of a rebounder-

Immunity booster: Immunity is the key to rebuilding our body. Pollution sickens us and the immune system of our body heals us. Rebounding exercise boost up your immunity.

Improve other workouts: Rebounding improves the results of other workouts. 

Strengthen bones: It strengthens your bones and increases bone mass.

Boost oxygenation: Increase the oxygen supply in the body. 

Tone muscle: Rebounding is a full-body exercise. So, it helps to tone your body muscles.

Remove pain: It can heal some muscle pains.

Strengthen legs: Rebounding makes your legs stronger than ever.

Safety Instructions before using a Rebounder

Using a rebounder us easy but you need to know some safety instructions before using it. If you don’t know those then several injuries can happen. 

  • Assembling correctly. Tighten all the screw carefully. 
  • Don’t jump on the floor directly from the rebounder. 
  • Don’t use a rebounder if you have serious muscle injury and twisted ankles. 
  • Maintain an exercise routine. Don’t exercise direct after having a meal.
  • Never bounce on a wet mat.
  • Wear proper exercise dress. Never wear a dress that can catch in the unit.
  • Allow only one person at a time. 
  • Don’t allow child if they are not aged enough for the rebounder you have purchased.
  • Place your rebounder in an open place. 
  • Follow the workout DVDs provided by the manufacture of the rebounder that will help you to get the maximum from the rebounder. 

Final Words

A rebounder is an excellent fitness device. Proper use of a rebounder can help you to maintain a fit and healthy body in a funny way. A rebounder is a fitness product where fun meets fitness. The market is full of rebounders of many brands. On the above article, I present 10 best rebounders to you. I think any of these can help you.   

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