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The mobility scooter refers to as a power-operated scooter is one of the most popular mobility aids which are configured like a motor-scooter. With a flat area to fit the feet and handlebars, the best mobility scooter comes with a seat over three, four or five wheels, Battery-powered equipment that successfully adds a sense of comfort in disabled people’s lives. It is very small and lightweight to frequently travel around.

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List Best Mobility Scooter in 2020

1. Drive Medical Scout DST 4-Wheel Travel Scooter

2. Shoprider Sunrunner 4 Wheel Scooter Color: Burgundy

3. EV Rider Transport Folding Travel Electric Mobility Scooter

4. BUZZAROUND EX Extreme 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Long Range Travel Scooter

5. Drive Medical Scout Spitfire 4 Wheel Travel Power Scooter

6. Pride Mobility S74 Go-Go Sport 4-Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter

7. Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel Travel Mobility Scooter

Who Needs a Mobility Scooter?

The mobility scooter is mostly used by older people who are having a decline in their mobility. Lack of mobility is a must-have part of getting older and in old age, it becomes very hard to walk around the home, go to the library or shop, taking public transit  So they choose mobility scooter to help them to travel frequently and to be involved in various outdoor activities with minimal trouble. 

How The Best Mobility Scooter Benefits Elderly People 

For elderly people who are unable to move independently, confinement is the most depressing situation that they have to experience and it’s human nature that we don’t want to be captive inside the walls for a long time. A mobility scooter works wonderfully for them to get back their freedom which helps them to restore their confidence and make them enjoy an active social life. This is how it benefits them:

  • The mobility scooter was designed in such a way that it can give the disabled people the safest transportation to the closest shopping   park or if they want to go for a walk 
  • The elderly people can access anywhere without any dependency with the help of mobility scooter and this is the way the mobility scooter helps to boost up their confidence.
  • A mobility scooter can be proven as a great thing for those who need more help in moving. They don’t need to push their own limits of mobility and that can reduce the risk of falling or getting injured

Best Mobility Scooter Reviews are the following: 

NO 1.

Drive Medical Scout DST 4-Wheel Travel Scooter

Drive Medical Scout scooter is one of the most consistent products in the market. It comes to the market and people are eagerly buying it because of its great design with a lightweight body.

FeaturesBest mobility scooter for heavy weight with long term warranty

  • A lightweight, conservative scooter with front and back suspension, the Scout DST 4-Wheel travel scooter by Drive Medical are incredible for your daily use. 
  •  The Scout DST packs all the incredible highlights you would expect in a full-estimate scooter into a helpfully structured, travel-accommodating model. 
  • With extraordinary standard highlights like a Delta Tiller for a one-hand task, flexible armrests, a liberally estimated front bin for the capacity of individual things, hostile to tip wheels, and low-upkeep, level free tires, your requirements are certain to be met. 
  • The Scout DST (Dynamic Suspension Technology) transportable scooter consolidates simple and helpful portability with the most agreeable ride conceivable. 
  • It very well may be dismantled rapidly and effectively into five simple to deal with pieces for stacking into a vehicle, truck, or van and taking shopping or in the midst of some recreation.

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  • The four-wheel Scout DST considers improved dependability on the more unpleasant open-air landscape.
  • Outfitted with Dynamic Suspension Technology on the front and back of the scooter for the smoothest most agreeable ride conceivable. 
  • This model accompanies polished shading boards, metallic wheel edges, and an arena-style seat. 
  • The weight capacity of this scooter is 325 pounds. 
  • It has 43 pounds of very comfortable seat and it has a 12 V 20 Ah battery within it.
  • The armrests are cushioned and molded.


  • Sometimes it seems to be unclear to avoid obstacles with this scooter. 
  • Sometimes some parts are missing when it arrived. So you should check that.

Drive Medical Scout scooter is minimal, lightweight and simple to dismantle; ideal for taking any place you need to go, either around the area or a long way from home.

No. 2

Shoprider Sunrunner 4 Wheel Scooter Color: Burgundy

 Shoprider Sunrunner scooter is a very special scooter for its outstanding price and quality. Its build quality is very impressive and very easy to use.Best quality mobility scooter


  • The weight capacity in this bike is 300 pounds that make its use for most of the users.
  • The seat in this scooter is so comfy as it is movable and swivel seat.
  • The maximum speed in this vehicle is 5 miles per hour.
  • It is really amazing how much distance you can cover up on a single charge.
  • It can go 25 miles in a single charge.
  • It has included a basket for carrying some goods 
  • It can ride outdoors very smoothly as it has four great shrouded wheels.  

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  • The deluxe seat of this sun runner 4 makes riding into a great experience. 
  • It also equipped with a mirror to see your back and outside for a safe journey.
  • It has some various color options to choose from. Buy one of these colors as you like the most.
  • It gives the riders a great agile riding experience.
  • The design of this scooter is so good that you can ride in any highly dense area.


  • The fog light is set excessively low.
  • The reinforcement signal is FAR excessively peaceful. 
  • The reports are not gone for the customer.
  • Sometimes after heavy use battery comes down rapidly but it can be easily fixed.
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The Shoprider Sunrunner is a remarkable vehicle at an incredible cost. Build quality, riding experience and the comfort zone of this scooter make this scooter great.

No. 3

EV Rider Transport Folding Travel Electric Mobility Scooter

EV Rider makes your riding experience smooth and suitable. Lightweight body and proper design make this scooter great in this competitive market.

FeaturesBest folding mobility scooter

  •  EV Rider transport scooter is always ready to drive.  It can be reassembled anytime anywhere. Its a proper scooter for people who enjoy riding every day.
  • It has a great foldable design. So it takes a very minimum place in your garage or anywhere you want to park it.  It becomes a great part of its user’s lifestyle.
  •  It is very easy and comfortable to carry it in an airplane also as its battery is SLA batteries that are airplane safe batteries. 
  •  Ev rider scooter has a very powerful engine. It needs 270 watts of power.
  •  This scooter has a 4-mole motor engine to boost up its performance
  • You can ride 10 to 15 miles in every charge with this scooter. That is far better for an electric customizable scooter.
  • The total weight of this scooter is lighter than most of the scooters among the market. It only weighs 70 pounds. 

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  •  The best advantage of this electric mobility scooter would be its fitting feature. The foldable capability of this scooter makes this so easy to put it any corner or closet.
  • The front end of this bike is an articulated front that gives this scooter not only a great design but also it creates great stability to improve its balance along with riding.
  •  The LED lighting in its headlight gives proper light for night use of this scooter.
  •  It has a tiller that can be adjustable in height.
  • The dual hand throttle control tahr happens to be two way and a great key ignition system of this scooter gives consumers a proper riding experience.


  •  Some people find some pain in their back after some heavy use of this scooter.
  • Sometimes the hard bump on the road can displace the battery. 
  • Sometimes customer suffers delivery issues.

Overall if you really want to but a scooter then this scooter should be your priority list.

No. 4

BUZZAROUND EX Extreme 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Long Range Travel Scooter

Buzz round extreme scooter is a great example of a perfect, daily use scooter. It’s comfortable and very easy to ride.

FeaturesBest mobility scooter for long travel

  • Buzz round extreme scooter is very lightweight and fills with different nice features. 
  • It can be easily reassembled but it has all the great advantages of a full-size scooter.  
  • Buzz round scooters come with a great battery. Its called standard  2U1 battery. It gives the proper boost for this mobile and fast scooter.
  •  It has two great lights in the front and back. The front light and taillight is the super bright LED light that gives the consumer a great comfort when riding in the dark. 
  • The weight is extraordinary in this scooter. Its weight capacity is 330 pounds. So maximum people can ride with this scooter at ease. 
  • The tires give the stability of any vehicle. This Buzz round scooter comes with 9 inches tires that ensure user safety.

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  • The battery this scooter used is the largest and ultra-modern two u1 battery. It’s the best battery of its kind. 
  • It uses suspension like another full-size scooter that gives the users an unwrinkled ride all along 
  •  The lights it used are brand new in the market. You won’t see this type of bright LED light in the market.
  • In a full charge, it can go 18 miles. It is really breathtaking if you compare this mileage with any other electric scooter in the market.
  • In the box you will get standard charging port, four inches ground leeway Red and Blue Shroud board.


  • Some people find it overpriced.  
  • Sometimes after some heavy use, it gives a false malfunction warning
  •  Some people face some delivery issues for this scooter

Buzz round extreme scooter is a snap to assemble. It generally accompanies practically in three pieces and every one of the guidelines is clear for amassing.

No. 5

Drive Medical Scout Spitfire 4 Wheel Travel Power Scooter

Drive Medical scout spitfire is a one of a kind portable scooter around the market.  Riding experience in this scooter is always a great experience. You can ride this bike not only on a smooth surface but also any harsh surface. The way it handles turbulence is up to the mark. This Scout Spitfire 4 is a truly extraordinary scooter. Best mobility scooter in terms of popularity


  •  One of the biggest advantages of this scooter is it’s assembling quality. You can reassemble at any time. It makes this scooter easier to use compared to other scooters in the market
  • The wheels in this scooter are so good to ride outdoors. The perfect size of the wheels gives a proper riding experience.
  • The seat in this scooter is compy and adjustable and it’s a swivel seat. So, you can understand how good the seat is. Thus the driver can enjoy a solid ride in 
    • this scooter
  • .
  • On a single charge, you can go nine miles with this beast. That’s a decent distance with this little scooter of yours.
  • The load capacity is almost three hundred (300) pounds and it comes with a convertible color panel of blue and red.

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  • The armrests of this scooter can be easily adjustable.  And it’s well padded for the sake of the user.
  • The wheel of this scooter is great because it is flat-free and non-marking tires. 
  • A high-quality battery and a charger are included in this scooter.
  • The max speed of this vehicle is 4.25 miles per hour and it has 16.5 inches of seat width.


  • Some people who live in hillside don’t like to use this scooter in outdoors because sometimes riding higher make this scooter hotter than usual. 
  • Sometimes after heavy use, it stops working but after some battery adjustment, it can run smoothly.

This scooter is the number #1 in Powered Mobility Scooters in Amazon. So, you can understand how good this scooter is. The great riding experience, smooth corner handling, removable battery features make this scooter an incredible and unique scooter.

No. 6

Pride Mobility S74 Go-Go Sport 4-Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter

Different great features with perfect design make this Pride mobility scooter unique. People in any size and age can ride it with proper comfort and safety.

FeaturesBest mobility scooter for long term use

  • The reassemble feature of the Pride Mobility scooter is the best thing among the features of its. You can disassemble it for about five separates little parts. It’s mesmerizing. 
  • It can carry about three hundred twenty-five pounds of weights that are very much the highest weight capacity in the market. 
  • The design of this scooter is very ultra-modern and unique.  The tiller of Pride Mobility is a great example of that. You feel relaxed and patients through its tiller.  And that’s why you will get a smooth riding experience.
  • This scooter is made for some heavy duties. Anyone can tell this by seeing its great four tires. It has nine inches tire and fourth ground clearance.   
  • The tire of this scooter is non-scuffing. And that’s why will not give you any marks on your floor. It is very safe and suitable for indoor use. 
  •  It’s very reduced in size and simple to use. You can travel with it anywhere like in malls, airports or in any travel trip of yours.
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  • Pride mobility Go-go has a great battery of 18AH. It will give you great mileage also. It can go up to 14 miles on a single charge. It is more than enough for any mobility scooter.  
  •  The disassembled part of this scooter is so light so you can easily carry them in your van or sedan.
  •  This scooter can go up to 4.7 miles in an hour.
  • It has an adjustable wristlet that is very handy in terms of comfort and suitable ride.


  • Some people don’t find all accessories as they advertised. 
  •  Sometimes it gets troublesome to ride in a clumsy road than it can be an uncomfortable ride for some people.
  • People with wheelchairs sometimes get in problems with this scooter. Because it has a little bit of a lack of features for this kind of person.

A pride mobility scooter is one of a kind scooter in the market. You can modify it in your own way. Riding in this scooter is so comfy that you cant imagine. It is good to see this type of good product is coming into the market. Consumers will love this scooter

No. 7

Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel Travel Mobility Scooter

The pride go-go ultra scooter has an extraordinary design. In the box, you will get proper accessories to get ready to ride. It’s a very wonderful scooter to go outside and indoors too.

FeaturesBest 3 wheel mobility scooter

  • The Go-Go Ultra X scooter is a lightweight, lithe ride that is extraordinary for use inside, or outside on the smooth, level ground.
  • It comes furnished with 12 AH batteries, charger, level free tires, and a front bin.
  • The batteries can be charged on or off the scooter and the charging port is situated on the battery box, simply over the section of flooring.
  • The seat swivels for simple on and off access. It’s anything but difficult to dismantle for the vehicle, and the individual pieces are small enough to fit in the storage compartment of even the littlest vehicle. 
  • This scooter’s basic edge partition can be done with just one hand effectively dismantles unit into five super-lightweight pieces for helpful vehicle and capacity. 
  • The weight capacity of this scooter is 260 pounds.

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  • Experience effortless travel with the Go-Go® Ultra X, which highlights feather-contact dismantling for helpful vehicle and capacity.
  • Appreciate a for every energizes scope of to 10.4 miles on the 3-haggle miles on the 4-wheel, with a maximum speed of up to 4 mph.
  • A front casing mounted seat post offers maximum soundness, while a drop-in battery box guarantees genuine feelings of serenity. 
  • The Pride Go-Go Ultra X 3 wheel travel versatility scooter incorporates a refreshed edge plan that enables it to dismantle into 5 simple to-oversee pieces with the heaviest piece weighing just 28 pounds


  • The button of this scooter sometimes lost in the delivery, so you should take a good look when it arrives. 
  • Assembling this product sometimes get troublesome for some people.

The Go-Go Ultra X casing configuration additionally incorporates a hooking instrument that takes into consideration one-gave dismantling, a helpful drop-in battery box, and a front-outline mounted seat post for maximum steadiness. These incredible highlights at a value that can’t be beaten.

Best Mobility Scooter Brand Review

Drive Medical 

Drive medical which refers as the king of mobility scooters was formed 18 years back with the name Medical Depot, Inc and becomes one of the fastest-growing companies in the world-class market. Over these years, they keep manufacturing the best durable medical equipment by using their state-of-the-art technology and successfully increase numerous satisfied customers.

They just not only produce the quality product but they provide independence to the medically challenged people to improve the quality of their life. From the power chairs to cutting edge mobility scooters, all of their product experience a huge range of success around the world. With the ultra-high performance and attractive design, their product becomes a source of comfort for many people.

EV Rider 

EV Rider started their business in 1996 with a decorative and dispensation of battery-powered scooters for all aged people, especially for kids and active seniors. The company has risen its popularity by offering a complete line of powerful mobility scooters within the customer’s needs and budgets.

Whether you are planning to have your own mobility transporter or any luxurious mobility solutions, they have all the best choice to provide. With high speed and longer battery range, their product has taken them everywhere. Moreover, Ev rider has gained outstanding customer satisfaction with the simplicity and commitment to offering the best quality product.

Golden Technologies 

Golden Technologies is one of the leading American brands which manufactures world-class mobility equipment with a wide variety of styles. With the perfect combination of size, weight, portability, and accessories, Golden Technologies creates a new line of mobility solutions around the market. They design their products using all the latest technology and advanced components to provide the utmost quality product to their customers.

They offer luxury transportation with the least expense then no other company can afford within the budget. High-quality superior materials and customer desirable design help the brand to grow a reputation among the users and enable the users to enjoy a sense of independence, mobility, freedom. 

Things to Check Before Buying a Best Mobility Scooter

There are so many mobility scooters are available around the market and it could be confusing which one is right for you  These are the criteria to consider while buying a mobility scooter:

  • Design or layouts should consider first to buy a naturally comfortable and easy to use 
  • You should choose one according to your journey you are planning. The small or portable one is suitable for regular use but they are not suitable for tall people. In general, medium size scooter is good for outdoor and they also can be used in indoor for limited activity. A taller, as well as a heavier person, should choose the large-sized scooters.
  • If you are willing to use the scooter for indoor then three-wheel scooter is better as they are easily manageable and you can move easily around  corners
  • You should check the seat height if it is comfortable according to your size or can you reach the tiller without curving your back.
  •  Choose one according to your disability and if you have lack of dexterity and hand strength, then you should choose a scooter with delta tillers to reduce pressure to move backward or forward.
  • Make sure you are going to drive a safe piece of scooter and buy one which features LEDs light to ensure that they are visible to other people and at least one mirror to prevent you from sturdy bumpers. 
  • There are some brands which have home demonstrations and you can experience a ride to test a few models according to your criteria. 

How Mobility Scooter Works?

The mobility scooter works in some basic ways whether it is a class 2 or class 3 scooter. It starts with an on/off switch but some features a key to operate. With active power, there is a battery indicator that shows the state of the battery through a conventional analog dial, a series of colored LEDs or a liquid crystal display.

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Anyone can speed up the scooter or reduce the speed by a dial switch and the accelerator is easily controllable by a simple lever. It just needs a push to go upward or forward.

Most of the big size scooter features a separate brake to get back to the default position and to stop the scooter but the small size does not have the separate brakes most of the time.

Mobility scooters differ by class and class 3 scooters have some extra features. It has an audible horn, and front and rear lights and reflectors in addition. They also feature a switch to toggle, an emergency brake and a mirror

Driving Safety Need to follow for Riding the Best Mobility Scooter

Living with a disability is a curse and a mobility scooter can help you to get rid of it. But before your journey, you must follow the safety criteria to enjoy a secure ride.

  • First of anyone should learn the rules Government’s rules for mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs before riding. Sort your day to day requirement and evaluate does the scooter factor into it
  • Before riding out, check your battery and make sure it is charged properly. Most of the scooters need a sufficient amount of time to be charged fully and after each use, you should put the scooter in charge.
  • You should make a little test on tire pressure as most of the time under or over-inflated tires reduce the velocity and affect the battery life
  • When you are on the road, adequate, LEDs light, and mirror can be your savior. So when you are ready to go, check once that these are working perfectly
  • Before starting your journey, make yourself comfortable and sit properly so that you will not be in need repositioning while driving. Make sure your feet are in the correct position as it could be dangerous driving the scooter with your feet off.
  • In order to make sure of the security of your scooter, always remove the keys before leaving the scooter
  • If you are using a detachable seat, check it is perfectly attached before start your ride.
  • Make sure you are carrying a mobile phone in case of an emergency on the road
  • According to your disability, try to fix a possible safe route and drive it on a smooth and flat surface.
  • Being respectful while you’re in public and make sure you keep the speed low while using your scooter on a pavement

How to look after your mobility scooter

To get the best out of it, you have to make sure that you are maintaining your scooter in the right way. Maintaining in a proper way can make your scooter last longer. Here are some tips to keep your scooter in tip-top condition:

  • Cleaning comes first while maintaining your scooter. If you keep your scooter clean, it can prevent any undesirable problems in the future. Dust makes your scooter vulnerable and creates rust which affects how well the scooter works. Make sure you are using a cover to protect your scooter from rain or unnecessary moisture and rain. Whenever it gets dirty, try to wipe it before it affects the workability of your scooter.
  • The battery is the most essential part when it is about maintaining. Each brand comes with a manual there you will find all necessary information about maintaining the battery. After receiving your product, make sure you put it on charge for at least 12 hours and these initial steps help the battery last for long. Charge the battery with a proper charger which comes with the product. Keep your battery away from being wet or don’t leave it in a damp environment. Make a mandatory check after 1 year by a professional.
  • Usually, mobility scooter’s tires suffer from wear and tear most of the time. So it is a must to check puncture from time to time. Around the market, there are mainly four types of tire for a mobility scooter in which some are pumped up with air and some are solid. If you are blind about what tires are on the scooter then get in touch with the manufacturer or the suppliers from where you take it

At last, When it comes to servicing your scooter, you should get it done by a professional

The FAQ on Mobility Scooter

Can a mobility scooter be made to go faster? 

Because of the ease of use and low maintenance, mobility scooter has become more and more popular nowadays. But many people are hanging up in the question that Can a mobility scooter be made to go faster. The speed of the mobility scooter is relatively low and the fact is mobility scooter are not really made to go faster.

This scooter has been designed as a comfortable way to ride for disable people and it is far comparable with a bicycle or a skateboard, other than a motorcycle or a car. So In the case of the mobility scooter, comfort level gets the top priority, not speed.

Do you need a license to drive a mobility scooter?

In the rules of riding mobility scooter, there no such criteria to have a license to drive a mobility scooter, even not for using it on the road. Only the class 3 scooter need to be registered with the DVLA but there is no requirement for class 2 scooter

How far can a mobility scooter go? 

How far a mobility scooter can go, it depends on its model, the weight of the user and battery longevity. Most of the mobility scooter can travel at most 8 to 35 miles depending on the size of the battery where the smaller boot scooter can around 15 miles.

How long does a scooter battery last? 

Usually, the longevity of the mobility scooters battery is about 2 years. But anyone uses it lightly such as two or three times a week, it may last about 3 years. If you use it on a regular basis, then it may only last a year to 18 months.

Can mobility scooters be stored outside?

If you leave your scooter outside, there is a high possibility to get it wet. And this way, not only the battery of your scooter will be destroyed but it could also damage the body of your scooter. So it is ideal to keep your scooter in a proper way into a dry place such as a garage or  your home basement, not in the outside

Should the mobility scooter leave on charge all the time?

You can put your mobility scooter on charge for a long time but in some conditions. You can not leave it on charge all the time while you are using it once a week and you have to unplug it after it becomes fully charged. But if you are using it on a regular basis like using it two, three or more times in a week, then you can charge it constantly.

It is recommended that if you are not using your scooter for an extended period, then charge it up at least one month.

Do mobility scooters need servicing?

With time, every electronic product starts losing it works capability. So make the scooter work perfectly and increase longevity, it is recommended that the scooter should give on servicing after one year. But everyone should make sure that it is done by a professional or a qualified engineer

Are 3 wheel mobility scooters safe?

Though the 3 wheel mobility scooter has numerous advantages and its really feature a much tighter turning radius but it is not that much safe for outdoors as it has a stability issue. But it is safe when you are using it on smooth, level surfaces.

Can we use a car battery on a mobility scooter?

No. Car battery can provide a huge amount of electricity for a short period of time. So if you use a car battery on a mobility scooter, it may work but it could die within a month or so.

What is the right way to charge the battery of mobility scooter?

  • For a newly purchased battery, you should charge the battery for about 10 hours for 5 days in a row
  • After every use, you should put the battery on charge overnight 
  • If you are not using your scooter for a long period, charge it overnight for a month

Final Words

Individuals with incapacities, shockingly have restricted portability alternatives as there seems to be. In this way, with regards to getting around, it just bodes well that the machine they pick should have every highlight they are searching for. When perusing this survey list, distinguish the needs in picking the correct scooter and you won’t be disillusioned with your decision.

It’s significant that you purchase a mobility scooter reasonable for your weight in such a case that you’re unreasonably substantial for the scooter it may wind up temperamental. On the off chance that you purchase a scooter with a suggested weight limit of lower than your genuine weight, you will likewise negate the guarantee. When you’ve settled on the sort you need, the following contemplations will in general, value, separation range, and appearance.

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