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When It’s Safe to Start Baby use Backpack Carrier?

A baby carrier is safe for babies of 6 months. A baby of six months can hold his head and neck himself. For using a backpack you have to wait until your baby can hold his head and neck properly. And you need to be sure that the backpack carrier you are gonna use is safe for your baby’s neck and head. Some people say backpack can be used for 3 months baby but I strictly prohibit that practice. The bones and muscles of a three-month baby are not ready for carrying in a backpack carrier.

Are Baby Carriers Safe for Newborns?

The answer is no. a newborn baby has very soft muscles and bones. He cannot hold his head and neck. He needs to be held very carefully. It would be very risky for your newborn baby to be held in a backpack carrier. You may have some other options for a newborn baby. We will discuss it later. Now it is confirmed that baby carriers are not safe for newborns.

Are Baby Carriers Bad for Babies Hips?

Baby carriers are not bad for babies hips. But here you have to know how a bad baby carrier can harm your baby’s hip. Avoid narrow-based carrier. In a narrow-based carrier, thighs are not supported to the knee joint. So hip joint can be affected and caused hip dysplasia. If you use wider carrier then thighs are supported to the knee joint. Legs are spread and very low forces are created to the hip joint. So, hip joints are safe here.

At What Age, a Baby Carrier can be Used?

You can use a baby carrier from the birth of a baby. But all the carriers are not for all. Baby carriers are different to the age of the baby.

A baby carrier using guide by age

Baby Carriers for day 1 to 5 months

Before selecting or deciding to carry a newborn baby with a baby carrier you have to understand the limitations and the difference of a newborn baby and a 6 months old baby in terms of holding. In general, the weight of a newborn baby is lies between 2.5 kg to 3.5 kg.  A newborn baby can not hold his head and neck independently.

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So, before selecting a baby career for a newborn baby or a baby aged under 5 months you have to be more careful because they are too tender and incapable. Usually, baby ring slings and baby wraps are mostly used for newborn to 5 months babies. Ring slings cover the maximum portion of an infant and give excellent neck support. For a newborn, you can use sleepy wrap made from stretchy fabric that is very much suitable for a smaller baby. A premature baby can be held in this.

There is some softly structured backpack for the growing baby. When your baby is heading up to 4 months or he is more healthy than others then you can use a softly structured backpack but it is not as convenient as the baby sling and baby wrap.

Baby carriers for 5 to 18 months

First of all, you need to know about a baby of 5 to 18 months. In this months a baby can hold his neck and head by himself. During this period he learns how to sit, crawl and walk. Baby starts moving very fast. He wants to see the world and try to do something on his own. So, in this age baby carriers are very important. A five months old baby generally weighs 6 to 9 kg. You can use baby ring slings for this age baby for a short period of time. But if you need to carry your baby for a long time then using rings slings would not be convenient.

The weight of a one year baby is 8 to 12 kg and an eighteen-month baby should weigh between 10 to 14 kg. Using baby ring sling and baby wrap would be convenient for these babies. Soft-structured baby carriers like Mei Tais, backpack carriers, and hip carriers are recommended for the babies of this age group. Baby can see you well. He can see the world. He can see what are you doing. With these carriers, you can carry your baby for a long time.

Baby carriers for 18 to 36 months

The babies of 18 to 36 months age love to talking, running and playing. They are busy doing exploring the house all day. Sometimes it is not safe to allow them everywhere to run and play. Their body weight is increasing with age. An eighteen-month-old baby should weigh between 9 to 14 kg and a three years old baby should weigh between 12 to 18 kg. It is not possible to carry them by your arms for a long time. And you may not always able to control them.

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Before buying a baby carrier for 18 t0 36 months aged baby you need to know the weight distribution efficiency of the carrier. A toddler which has efficient weight distribution capacity is capable to carry a 15 kg baby without staining to baby’s back. Backpack carriers and baby hip carriers are very easy to use for this age group babies.

Mei Tais and Je Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB) Wraps are also easy to use but need tying. For short period carrying baby ring sling also can be used easily it can carry up to 12 kg without any problem. Ellaroo woven wrap is an excellent choice for big babies but you need to be an expert to use it.

Baby carriers for 36 & beyond

Most people think babies of 3 years old and above do not need to be carried in a baby carrier. Partially they are right. Babies of these age group are more independent and they can walk well. But in reality, they need to be carried. A baby of three to 5 years needs more sleep than an adult. On the go, it is very necessary to give them a chance to take a nap. The average weight of a 3 years child is 15kg and a six-year child is 20kg.

Babies are getting tall faster in this age group.  It is very difficult to hold them in your arms. So, by using baby carrier you can distribute the weights to your shoulder, back, and hip. For these big babies taller carrier is needed. Because there is a chance of falling down if the carrier has a shorter panel. Wider sitting area and taller panel ensure baby’s safety. A wiser sitting area ensures baby’s proper weight distribution in the carrier.

Tula toddler carrier has a taller and wider carrier panel. It can hold up to 27 kg. Manduca Baby Carrier, Tula baby carrier, Beco toddler carrier, Boba baby carrier, Emeibaby toddler plus carrier are also excellent to use.  

How do You Carry a 3-month-Old Baby?

If you want to hold three months old in a baby carrier then you should pick a baby carrier in which a baby’s neck and head are safe. Hold him in your chest softly. Hold him in the shape of a kidney bean. A baby used to stay in his mother’s womb like this.

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How to Carry Baby on Back?

You can not carry a baby on your back with all types of baby carrier and babies of all age are not eligible for back carrying. For back carrying a baby needs to hold his neck and head by himself. And needs to be strong enough to carry on the back. To carry on the back you need to use backpack carrier that carries baby on the back. Make sure about the weight distribution efficiency of the carrier. The hip carrier should carry baby’s hip and separate his thighs so,that the knee joints of the baby is secured and safe. For taller baby use taller panel and wide sitting facility baby toddlers.


The baby wrap is one of the most secure baby carriers for carrying babies of various ages. You can carry baby on your chest or back both. A newborn to 3 months baby is wrap with his legs inside the baby wrap. And older baby’s legs are set outside of the wrap.

Ring Slings

Ring sling is made from woven fabric. Basically, it is a long piece of cloth. At one end of the cloth, there is a ring where other ends will be attached. Baby is completely covered in it. Only babies head is outside the sling. It is vastly used by the mothers for its easy settings and color variations. Baby can sleep well in a ring sling. It is used for front carrying basically.

Pouch Slings

Pouch sling is the simplest and easiest baby carriers. Maximum new mothers use it because of its east sCarriers.A new mother doesn’t need to know anything to use it. Just wear and go type carrier. No hardware is used like as ring sling. Pouch sling can be used as front and back carrier both.

Mei Tai Carriers

Mei Tai carrier has a lot of variations. It can be used in front and back either. Easy to tye up. Baby can be placed in any side of your body. Different Mei Tai can hold different age group babies.

Soft Structured Carriers

A soft structured baby carrier is used for older babies. Older babies have more weight. The weight of the baby should be distributed well in your shoulder, back and hip. Soft-structured carriers are good for your shoulder and for baby also.  

What age can you carry a baby in a sling?

Baby sling or baby ring sling is also called babywearing. A baby sling can be used from day 1. A baby ring sling is a popular baby carrier. An infant can not hold his head and neck. A sling can hold the whole baby in your chest. Baby can sleep well and he is totally safe in a sling.

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